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Alberto Rodríguez Quiroga

Alberto Rodríguez Quiroga

Médico especialista en Psiquiatría
Adultos, jóvenes y niños

Golden Rules for your Medicine Abroad

Visiting a different country and a different culture might be challenging by itself. If you are planning on staying for a long period, you should definitely make sure that you don’t leave loose ends which may be difficult to solve once you are in a foreign country. Even more, if you already have a medical condition, different questions might arise. The first one could be: Should I even try? Will it be possible to continue the treatment I’m taking abroad? The quick answer, in most cases is YES, there are plenty of treatments.

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Parent's Guide to understanding the Pokemon Go phenomenon

What is it about? Psychiatrist Dr. Alberto Rodriguez Quiroga explains.

When the company Niantic Inc. developed “Pokemon Go”, absolutely no one could have imagined the consequences of the game. Since its launch on July 6, 2016, rivers of ink have flown, news related to the game has occupied plenty of hours of TV and everyone has the feeling that Pokemon (short term for Pocket Monsters) are almost everywhere. These virtual creatures have unique characteristics that define them and make them so coveted by players around the world. They have unique skills, but also weaknesses, so it is best to fully know each one of the 18 different species of Pokemon. For example, water Pokemon species are very effective against fire type Pokemon, but instead are weak against the electricity type. On July 15 the game became available on the smartphones of the Spanish users. It is an augmented reality game, this means that is uses GPS and Google Maps to know the player’s real position at all times. Since then, it is easy to see groups of people swirling around the "Pokestops" landmarks of the city (such as statues or monuments) where players can get, always for free, the precious "Pokeballs", which are the only tool to capture these creatures.

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