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Lidia Budziszewska

Lidia Budziszewska

Terapeuta de adultos y pareja

Living Beyond Your Pain: Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Ease Chronic Pain

Book recommendation by Lidia Budziszewska,  Psychologist M.S., Adult and Couples therapist in Sinews MTI, Working in: Zurbano & La Moraleja.

This workbook can be a valuable resource for those who struggle with chronic pain- back pain, neck pain, migraines, fibromialgia and any other chronic condition.


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Is Self-Compassion More Important Than Self-Esteem? by Steven Hayes

Self-esteem for the last 20 years was considered the rock of success in life.  You can´t possibly get ahead in life, unless you believe you are perfectly awesome. And obviously you need to be perfectly awesome to keep believing it. So you end up living in terror of making mistakes, and feeling devastated when you do.  Is this the best way to approach success?

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Psychologist on the inside...

Interview with Lidia Budziszewska, Psychologist, questions asked by:
Cathy Smitton, Speech and Language Therapist.

Cathy Smitton: What funny things do people ask you about your profession?

Lidia Budziszewska:  People ask many things, concerning both my professional and private life. The most common are:

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Your Social Life..... Online......

Social Networks have intruded in our life and are here to stay. We can’t deny that there are some positive aspects, however...

Let´s look at this short example...

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Things Might Go Terribly, Horribly Wrong...

Book by Kelly Wilson and Troy Dufrene: "Things Might Go Terribly, Horribly Wrong: A Guide to Life Liberated from Anxiety"

When you see its title you might say I don´t need a book to tell me this much...Sometimes things fall apart... and even if you plan carefully and strategize you still might be watching for trouble. And nothing you can do would protect you from the fact that things might go terribly, horribly wrong. And if you´ve ever felt anxious about it, you´re not alone. In fact your story might be much more common than you think.

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Entangled by words

Do you realize how often you find yourself trapped by words.... Have you ever felt like "It´s not the first time I´m worrying about it..." or "I´ve been thinking about it for ages... and nothing has changed..." That´s what we call "word entanglement" and this is where the metaphor can be a powerful tool to both help illustrate and change it. Metaphors have been used in therapy for ages and in many different approaches.

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