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Recent blog posts
How to look after your voice



Our voice is the instrument we use to communicate on a daily basis and for this reason it should be used correctly. If we do so, we lessen the risk of straining our vocal cords.


Is my child addicted to the phone?

It is very probable that the mobile phone is the technology that has most changed the lives of families, for which we should stop and think about the impact that technology of information and communication (ICT) has on our children.


When we talk about information and communication technology, we usually refer to those technologies that allow us to transmit, process and spread information instantly.


We have all incorporated the use of ICT into our daily lives, as a tool of interaction, socialization, work, amusement and learning. However, it is in adolescence where the increase of usage is most noticeable. The content of ICT has become an element of interaction and socialization, principally among peers, owing to shared affections for certain activities such as music, fashion and film among things. Further, this allows them to exchange information like: interesting web pages, bloggers, tricks to use in certain video games, etc.


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Soy Mamá de R- mi hijo de 19 años. Él está tomando Sertralina de 50g 1/2 por noche. Resulta que suspendió el remedio por causas económicas y esta casi 5 noches sin tomarla. Siente mareos y algo de náuseas. Mi desesperación es tanta que necesito saber si le compro la pastilla ahora que he conseguido algo de dinero ¿se la puedo dar de día? Sería para empezar desde ya. Muchas gracias y saludos cordiales.


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A travel guide for couples: 5 tips for working through holiday difficulties

You’ve booked the flights, triple-checked your reservations, and ensured that you packed enough sunscreen to protect a small school of children from the sun, but chances are you haven’t given much thought as to how to prepare your relationship for the exciting vacation ahead. Summer vacations are often visualized as being blissful and seamless, but frequently these lovely adventures are paired with arguments, stress, and unmet expectations. One of the most overlooked aspects of organizing vacations is how to handle and plan for the relational difficulties that tend to arise. 

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Using the Cognitive Triangle to Combat Anxiety and Depression

Feelings of anxiety and depression are an experience that nearly all human beings share. Whether it results from the pressure of society to “succeed,” a desire to please others, family/relationship stressors, or pressure from work/school, both anxiety and depression can create a debilitating experience within our bodies that often prevent us from acting as our highest-functioning self.

The cognitive-behavioral theoretical approach is one form of therapy commonly utilized to address symptoms of anxiety/depression. This short blog will attempt to provide a simple understanding of the tool called “The Cognitive Triangle.” In addition to the description itself, a few helpful interventions focusing on each point of the triangle will be provided.

The main concept of the triangle is that self-awareness and metacognition (the ability to think about one’s thoughts) are the key to begin to manage those thoughts, feelings and resulting behaviors that often times feel out of our control.

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Is my child swallowing correctly?  Can a speech pathologist help?

After a visit to the dentist or the orthodontist many parents are told their child has an infant or atypical deglutition, other doctors notice how their patient’s tongue tends to rest in the inferior teeth. Some doctors may even suggest a child must have treatment with a Speech pathologist before starting the orthodontic treatment in order to avoid further complications or delays with the process.


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Mindfulness to Take Care of Ourselves


The self is the self-concept we have about ourselves, how we think we are, and of course it is highly related not only to our state of mind but to our mental health.


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Mindfulness para cuidar de nosotros mismos



El self es el autoconcepto que tenemos sobre nosotros mismos, cómo pensamos que somos, qué mensajes nos mandamos y por supuesto está altamente relacionado no solo con nuestro estado de ánimo sino también con nuestra salud mental.

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Golden Rules for your Medicine Abroad

Visiting a different country and a different culture might be challenging by itself. If you are planning on staying for a long period, you should definitely make sure that you don’t leave loose ends which may be difficult to solve once you are in a foreign country. Even more, if you already have a medical condition, different questions might arise. The first one could be: Should I even try? Will it be possible to continue the treatment I’m taking abroad? The quick answer, in most cases is YES, there are plenty of treatments.

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Nuestra psiquiatra la Dra. Orlanda Varela responde online las preguntas de aquellas personas que piden consejo sobre tratamiento psiquiátrico. Si deseas hacer alguna consulta, no dudes en contactarnos a través de nuestro formulario.  

Quisiera hacer una consulta. En el mes de marzo del presente año tuve una convulsión "epiléptica" es lo que dijeron pero mi encefalograma salió muy bien al igual que mis tomografías. La psiquiatra me dijo que como tenía tanta tristeza y emociones juntas convulsioné- que no es epilepsia pero no saben bien. En agosto fue mi última regla el 28 y hace casi 15 días me enteré que estaba embarazada y eso me hizo feliz. La verdad sufro desde la convulsión ataques de ansiedad generalizado. Me han quitado los medicamentos; solo me dejaron Fenitoína una por la mañana y otra por la noche. Tomaba Fluoxetina y Clonazepam. Pero desde que me las han quitado he tenido mucha ansiedad y no se que hacer ni que tomar. Estoy desesperada llena de miedo a que pase algo malo. A mi y a mi bebe. Que puedo tomar? Estoy desesperada. Espero que puedan ayudarme. No puedo dormir cada noche.


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Empower Your Child

We have all had times when our children come home from school, upset because of a disagreement they have had with a friend. Our immediate reaction, once they have told us about the awful things that this friend has said or done, is to want to call that friend’s parents to make sure he/she is told off and doesn’t do it again. But is this really the best thing to do? In many cases, what actually happens is that the other child’s parents feel offended, as if their child was being accused of some kind of bullying, so it ends up being a dispute between the parents rather than the children.

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When Studying Abroad is not as fun as you hoped

Studying abroad has become more and more popular during the last decade. In 2009 there were 3.7 million international students worldwide. Comparing this figure with those from previous generations, an exponential growth can be observed: in 1975 there were only 0.8 million (OECD, 2009). Most students who decide to go to another country are looking forward to interacting with different cultures and understanding others’ beliefs and values. However, are we always prepared to embrace diversity?

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Parent's Guide to understanding the Pokemon Go phenomenon

What is it about? Psychiatrist Dr. Alberto Rodriguez Quiroga explains.

When the company Niantic Inc. developed “Pokemon Go”, absolutely no one could have imagined the consequences of the game. Since its launch on July 6, 2016, rivers of ink have flown, news related to the game has occupied plenty of hours of TV and everyone has the feeling that Pokemon (short term for Pocket Monsters) are almost everywhere. These virtual creatures have unique characteristics that define them and make them so coveted by players around the world. They have unique skills, but also weaknesses, so it is best to fully know each one of the 18 different species of Pokemon. For example, water Pokemon species are very effective against fire type Pokemon, but instead are weak against the electricity type. On July 15 the game became available on the smartphones of the Spanish users. It is an augmented reality game, this means that is uses GPS and Google Maps to know the player’s real position at all times. Since then, it is easy to see groups of people swirling around the "Pokestops" landmarks of the city (such as statues or monuments) where players can get, always for free, the precious "Pokeballs", which are the only tool to capture these creatures.

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El Duelo tras la Muerte de una Mascota Querida:  Tres características y Recomendaciones para su Resolución

El duelo es el proceso psicológico que se produce a partir de la pérdida por la muerte de un ser querido, es una experiencia universal, única y dolorosa. La pérdida conduce a la necesidad de adaptarse a una nueva situación, una realidad en la que ya no está ese ser querido. Teniendo en cuenta esta definición de duelo, no sorprende que los dueños de mascotas atraviesen este mismo proceso cuando su querida mascota fallece.

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Grief after the Loss of a Beloved Pet:  Three characteristics and Recommendations for it´s Resolution.

Grief is the psychological process of adaptation that comes after the loss of a loved one, it´s a universal experience that almost everyone goes through in a lifetime. The loss of someone dear to us leads to the need of adaptation to a new reality in which our loved one isn´t there. Having this definition of grief in our minds, it comes as no surprise that pet owners go through this same process after the loss of their pets.

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Según las estadísticas, los trastornos del comportamiento sexual conciernen a un notable porcentaje de la población de ambos sexos. Los problemas sexuales están muy a menudo en el origen de divorcios o sufrimientos dentro de una pareja o de una familia.

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Incorporating Therapeutic Writing into our lives

Have you ever wondered why adolescents start writing diaries, or why blogs are so popular? After writing about a problem, it seems less overwhelming and often, the solution to those problems become more obvious. It seems that writing about it is the answer. Even certain psychological therapies use writing as a tool to gather relevant information about the patient’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors in order to solve specific problems.

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Estoy intentando dejar de tomar antidepresivo (paroxetina) bajo prescripción médica, pero estoy en tramites de divorciarme. Mi pregunta es si debería posponer el dejar de tomar el antidepresivo para después del divorcio o volver a la dosis inicial, ya que no me encuentro bien con la reducción que me ha sugerido el psiquiatra por lo traumático de la situación.

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Three scientifically-proven ways to boost your willpower

Scientists have found that willpower is like a muscle. The good news is that you can actually train your willpower and make it become stronger. The downside is that it gets tired when we use it for extended periods of time. That’s why surfing the internet or Facebook becomes even more “irresistible” at the end of a long day, food choices get worse as our willpower muscle weakens and it even explains why dieters are more likely to cheat on their partners.

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Stop Walking on Eggshells.

“Stop Walking on Eggshells”. Paul T. Mason, MS. and to Randi Kreger

Two authors go on a quest to help the readers better understand the diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, while enlightening non-diagnosed family members and friends on how to take some control over their lives and improve the relationships with their diagnosed loved ones.

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