SINEWS offers specialized academic support focused on learning difficulties for primary school aged children.
Our specialists (both at home and in the classroom) offer services in English and Spanish for students enrolled in bilingual or international schools within the Comunidad de Madrid.

How do I know if my son/daughter needs specialized educational support?
The following signs could indicate a possible learning disability:
  • Lack of reading comprehension.
  • Common spelling, grammar, and syntax errors in his/her writing.
  • Delayed academic development in comparison to his/her age group.
  • Unsatisfactory academic performance.
  • Apparent lack of concentration and attention.
  • Low math skills.
  • Language problems.
  • Difficulty relating to classmates, teacher, or relatives.

What kinds of problems can the education specialist treat?
  • Dyslexia: difficulty reading and writing.
  • Dysgraphia: difficulty writing words (spelling mistakes, changing the order of words…) and writing texts (handwriting).
  • Math learning disabilities: difficulty learning math skills such as calculating and problem solving.
  • Poor academic achievement, generally due to low intellectual capability that falls below their expected age and educational level.

Different types of academic support are available in English and Spanish.

-A Learning disabilities specialist who offers academic support in the classroom:
The learning specialist will accompany the student in the classroom in order to achieve personalized, integrated support that is adapted to the academic curriculum.
This option is aimed towards children who experience significant problems following the flow of the class and those who fundamentally need individualized attention (autistic spectrum, severe attention deficit, important language problems…)
The minimum amount of services that are offered in this case are 6 hours/week divided up among 3 days per week (2 hours/day). Rates vary according to the number of hours that are selected (See table of prices.)

-At home learning disabilities specialist:
With the comfort of receiving educational support at home, the specialist will help the child overcome learning difficulties in the language that he/she uses in school (English or Spanish). This service is available starting from 2 hours/2 days a week (4 hours per week total). Rates vary according to the number of hours that are selected. (See table of prices.)

-Specialized academic support at Sinews:
Treatment for dysgraphia, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities are also offered in our facilities. This option suits children who don´t necessarily need intensive support at home or at school, but rather, a little push that would allow them to overcome their difficulties. The rate is 60 Euros/60 minutes for sessions held once a week and 50 Euros for sessions that are held twice a week.

IMPORTANT!: All evaluations are held at SINEWS (Calle Zurbano, 34, 1º Izq.). During the initial interview, which will last one hour (rate: 60 Euros), ONLY with the parents/guardians. They must bring all documentation and reports that are available from the child's school in order to better evaluate his/her difficulties and the type of support that the student will need.


4 hours/week 2 hours - 2 days/week 27,50 Euros/hour 440 €/month
6 hours/week 3 hours - 2 days/week or 2 hours - 3 days/week 25 Euros/hour 600 €/month
8 hours/week 2 hours - 4 days/week 22,50 Euros/hour 720 €/month
10 hours/week 2 hours - 5 days/week 20 Euros/hour 800 €/month
12 hours/week 3 hours - 4 days/week 17,50 Euros/hour 840 €/month
15 hours/week 3 hours - 5 days/week 15 Euros/hour 900 €/month

6 hours/week 3 days/week, 2 hours/day 22.50 Euros/hour 540 €/month
10 hours/week 5 days/week, 2 hours/day 20 Euros/hour 800 €/month
15 hours/week 5 days/week, 3 hours/day 15 Euros/hour 900 €/month
20 hours/week 5 days/week, 4 hours/day 12,50 Euros/hour 1000 €/month

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