Amalie Hylland
Division of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Coaching
Amalie Hylland
Languages: English, Spanish and Norwegian
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Amalie Hylland
Division of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Coaching
Amalie Hylland
Languages: English, Spanish and Norwegian
  • Bachelor’s Degree in psychology at the European University of Madrid
  • Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology at the European University of Madrid
  • Master in Behaviour Therapy from the Therapeutic Institute of Madrid

Amalie was born in Norway to Norwegian parents, but ever since she was little she has been in contact with many different cultures. When she was 11 years old, she travelled to an international camp in Japan where she met children from 12 different countries. At 13 she repeated the experience, but this time in the Netherlands, where she met a group of friends from Brazil, Jordan, the Netherlands, and Canada, which she would later visit and learn about their lives with their families.

Amalie has lived in several countries, including a year as a child in the Dominican Republic, a term as a student in Argentina, another term in France, she completed her first year of psychology in England, did an exchange term in Peru, and finally completed her degree and postgraduate degree in Spain. She has a good understanding of the challenges a student abroad may experience, as she says; «It’s often the little things that can be the biggest challenges.» Some examples she mentions are cultural differences in how people relate to punctuality and planning, tendencies for when to have dinner or go out on social activities, the unwritten social rules for communication in another language, and practical things such as administrative processes that can be difficult to understand and require a lot of energy. 

As a teenager, Amalie began working as a mentor for the child protective services, and there began her interest in psychology. She worked with adolescents who came from dysfunctional homes and noticed that she lacked information and knowledge on how she could help them in the best possible way.

In love with the international environment, Amalie decided to study abroad, and completed her psychology degree at the European University of Madrid. During her Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology, she was selected to complete her internship at SINEWS where she was able to learn about clinical practice in a multicultural environment, helping foreign students with the transition to live and study in Spain, lower their procrastination, anxiety, and depression, and how to handle pressure from oneself, peers, and family members. 

During the holidays, Amalie returned to Norway to work as a therapist in a psychiatric hospital. There she worked with cases of intrusive and negative thoughts, high levels of anxiety, difficulties in separating reality from fantasy, interpersonal problems and social skills, addictions, and anger management problems.

Amalie has also completed a master’s degree in behaviour modification from The Therapeutic Institute of Madrid (ITEMA) to deepen her understanding of why we do what we do and what we can do when our behaviour and circumstances cause us problems. For her it is important to help clients understand the origin and current maintenance of their problems, in order to design an individualised intervention so that the clients can begin to feel better.

Amalie describes herself as a warm, non-judgmental psychologist who is very dedicated to her cases. She has experience working with various types of problems, including anxiety, phobias, and ruminative thoughts, the development of assertiveness and social skills, self-esteem, procrastination, self-harm, obsessive-compulsive behaviours, and difficulties that one may experience with aging. Amalie believes in the ability to learn other ways of handling problems in therapy, to develop new tools that allow the clients to continue independently once the sessions are over. She currently combines her clinical work with being a lecturer in psychology at the European University of Madrid, always trying to keep up to date with new advances in psychology.

  • 08.2021 – Present: University of Gävle [Gävle, Sweden] Master in Sustainability, Environment, and Decision Making. Freestanding courses
  • 10.2020 – 06.2022: Therapeutic Institute of Madrid (ITEMA) [Madrid, España] Master’s in Applied Behaviour Therapy and Modification
  • 09.2020 – 03.2022: European University of Madrid [Madrid, España] Master’s in Clinical psychology
  • 09.2016 – 06.2020: European University of Madrid [Madrid, España] Bachelor of Psychology
  • 08.2018 – 12.2018: Peruvian University of Applied Sciences [Lima, Perú] Erasmus in psychology from European University of Madrid
  • 09.2015 – 06.2016: University of Reading [Reading, England] Introduction to Psychology
  • 02.2014 – 05.2014: Gateway College Paris [Paris, France] French Culture and Language
  • 09.2013 – 12.2013: donQuijote/Amauta Spanish Courses [Buenos Aires, Argentina] Spanish and Argentine Culture
  • 15.09.2022 – Current: European University in Madrid [Madrid] - Lecturer. BSc of Psychology. Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and Health
  • 01.02.2021 – Current: SINEWS Multilingual Therapy Institute [Madrid] - Psychologist. Treatment for adults. Online and in-person
  • 28.06.2021 – 28.08.2021: Blakstad Psychiatric Hospital [Norway] - Therapist. In-patient emergency unit. Scheduled seasonal job
  • 01.06.2019 – 01.05.2022: Municipality of Drammen [Norway] - Therapist for individuals diagnosed with intellectual disabilities. Seasonal job
  • 01.09.2013 – 31.05.2019: PricewaterhouseCoopers SA, Tax and Legal Services [Norway] - Assistant. Administrative work, quality insurance, organization. Part-time work and seasonal job
  • 20.07.2007 – 31.12.2022: Hylland Consult SA - Assistant. Administrative work and technical support. Social support for teenager. Part-time job and seasonal job
  • 2013 – Current: Children’s International Summer Villages (CISV) International Program for Peace Education
  • 01.11.2020 – 01.10.2021: CISV Madrid [Spain] Member of the Leader Training Committee
  • 28.06.2019 – 25.07.2019: CISV Buskerud [Norway] Leader of the Norwegian delegation, four 11-year-old children [Lisbon, Portugal]
  • 10.06.2013 – 14.06.2013 + 18.09.2013 – 23.09.2013: CISV Norway. Staff and organiser on a Human Rights Conference. Planning in Norway and execution in Colombia for Colombian adolescents
  • 03.2020 – Current: Minority Protection Initiative NGO fighting to strengthen the rights of minorities in Norway and beyond. Board member
  • 2019 – 2020: European University of Madrid Academic Representative for the Psychology Student Association
  • 2015 – 2016: University of Reading Welfare Representative for the Mature Student Society
  • 12.04.2016 – 14.06.2016: Introduction to Counselling [University of Oxford] - Duration: 20 hours
  • 10.11.2015 – 01.12.2015: Essential Listening Skills Training [University of Reading] - Duration: 8 hours
  • Norwegian: Native
  • English: Fluent
  • Spanish: Fluent
  • rench: A2 level, basic understanding