Division of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Coaching
Fernando Pérez-Ullivarri
Adults and adolescents
Languages: English and Spanish
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Division of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Coaching
Fernando Pérez-Ullivarri
Adults and adolescents
Languages: English and Spanish
  • Degree in Psychology, Universidad Pontificia de Comillas.
  • Masters degree in General Health psychology, Universidad Internacional de la Rioja.
  • Masters Degree in Clinical and Health psychology, Instituto Superior de Estudios Psicológicos.

Fernando has lived from an early age immersed in a bilingual environment due to his education at the British Council School of Madrid. The international environment of the school allowed him to make friends with classmates of different nationalities while still integrating the subtlety and sharpness of English humor and adopting customs such as eating early and enjoying Easter in a british way during his childhood. In those years, due to the house system the school had, he represented Saint David (patron of Wales) in the celebrations and competitions the school held.

During his university stage (Universidad Pontificia de Comillas), he actively sought to enrich his training with international stays and completed the second year of his Psychology degree in the United States of America (University of Texas). His experience there included fantastic moments such as winning the college “intramural soccer” championship with his team, Saturday parties in his “dorm” or weekend trips to San Francisco or New Orleans… and difficulties like coordinating the academic demands of both universities, losing a relationship due to distance or missing family and friends.

Always attracted by the clinical branch of psychology and working with people, upon finishing his undergraduate studies he specialized in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, a method that solves the problems that arise “here and now”, providing the patient with the opportunity to learn techniques to deal with the symptom autonomously, without depending on others. Likewise, he was trained in Health Psychology, the therapeutic accompaniment of people with physical illness, from chronic pain or degenerative diseases to cancer. Helping the patient and his environment in the mourning for the loss of autonomy, well-being or even goodbyes has a very special value for him.

Later, at the Asturias Medical Center, he provided psychological treatment to oncological patients from IMOMA (Oncological and Molecular Medicine Institute of Asturias) while working with quite different patient profiles that ranged from adolescents with learning difficulties or anxiety problems, to adults with OCD, substance problems or depression to elder patients in need of neurocognitive rehabilitation. In his last stage there, he oversaw the development of a unit specialized in supporting patients with migraine headaches and neuropathic pain.

His stay at the Hospital Clínico de Madrid during his practices of the Master en Psicología general sanitaria brought him closer to the treatment of trauma (both as a result of traffic and work accidents and trauma due to abuse) through the EMDR technique always supervised by his tutor.

To this clinical background he adds experience in the human resources field, that he accumulated for two years in GESTAMP SA. Solving problems and conflicts in the work environment has brought him closer to the real of the concerns of the employees and specifically to the difficulties of the expat worker (concerns related to their family of origin, problems of adaptation, both their and of their children, cultural and religious needs ...).

Fernando is a pragmatic psychologist who makes a great effort to understand how a patient is experiencing his problems, and he strives to mobilize the patient to action by finding the best techniques for each case.

  • General Heath Psychology Masters Degree, UNIR. NOV. 2018-JUN. 2020.
  • Health/Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Masters Degree, Instituto Superior de Estudios Psicológicos. NOV. 2016-NOV.2017.
  • Grado en Psicologia, Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. SEPT. 2012-JUL. 2016.
  • SINEWS Multilingual Therapy Institute, Psychologist APR 2021-CURRENTLY. Evaluation and treatment of adult patients in a bilingual (english-spanish)atmosphere. Therapies were carried out in both languages.
  • Hospital Centro Médico Asturias / Baeza Psicología y Formación, Psychologist. SEPT. 2019-APR.2021. Evaluation and treatment; using various psychometric tests, and second/third generation cognitive-behavioral treatments with specific clinicalhypnosis techniques.
  • Grupo ISEP, Psychologist. FEB. 2017-SEPT. 2017. Evaluation of anxiety-depressive pathologies with relevant tests (ASI, BDI,and STAI among others) and cognitive-behavioral treatment.
  • Hospital Clínico San Carlos, Intern Psychologist. FEB. 2017-SEPT. 2017. Child Therapist.
  • Gestamp S.A, HR Intern. JAN. 2015-JAN. 2016. Carrying out of personnel interviews, training and compensation plans andcreation of a corporate competence framework for these processes.
  • The University of Texas at Austin, EEUU. (SEPT. 2013 - JUL. 2014).
  • Mindfulness and Third Generation Therapies.
  • Marketing and commercial management (EAE Business School).
  • Clinical Hypnosis (Official College of Psychologists of the Principality ofAsturias).
  • Knowledge of SPSS other and statistical packages.
  • English, Bilingual (C2), certified by Proficiency (CPE) and TOEFL.
  • French, intermediate (B1), Certified by DELF exam.
  • German, Basic (A2), Goethe-Institut Exam Certified.
  • Spanish, Native (C2).

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