Inés Piñeira
Division of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Coaching
Inés Piñeira
General Health Psychologist
Children, adolescents and adults
Languages: English and Spanish
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Inés Piñeira
Division of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Coaching
Inés Piñeira
General Health Psychologist
Children, adolescents and adults
Languages: English and Spanish
  • Master´s Degree in General Health Psychology, European University of Madrid.
  • Master´s Degree in Coaching and Emotional Intelligence for Children and Young Adults, Formainfancia European School.
  • Master´s Degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology, Formainfancia European School.
  • STUDYING: Expert in Childhood and Adolescence, European Institute of Applied Psychology.

Inés studied in the American School of Madrid from kindergarten to high school, getting to know first-hand the American educational system in an international space where she had the privilege of interacting with children, teachers and families from other countries. During her adolescence, pushed by her parents in becoming a citizen of the world, Inés spent many summers traveling on exchange trips to the United States and France, facing from an early age the challenge of adapting alone to new environments. 

After high school, Inés began to study Psychology in the University “Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca”, where she specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She did her internship at the hospital “Hospital Niño Jesús de Madrid” working hand by hand with a multidisciplinary team and creating treatment plans for patients with Eating Disorders both on inpatient and outpatient basis. This experience has been the inflection point that awakened her interest for children and adolescents, since it is a time in which the patients are very plastic and a quality intervention on time can, literally, change their lives. 

Once she finished the college degree, she decided to spend a year working in prison in charge of psychoeducational and social immersion workshops, because another of her interests has always been groups at risk of social exclusion. This experience had a profound impact on her personal development, as she affirms “I learned more than the users themselves about the importance of respect and admiration for the motivation for change”. Since then, she feels freed from prejudice and less influenced by stereotype-based beliefs. 

Following her vocation, Inés begins the Master´s Degree on General Health Psychology at the European University of Madrid. During the internship granted by the Master´s, she was trained in Third Generation Techniques and Gestalt, adopting an integrative vision of the therapeutic process that she later applied working with people suffering from anxiety, depression, eating disorders and personality disorders. Likewise, she was also trained in therapies based on Coaching and clarification of needs since many times the matter which brings people to therapy can simply be the wish of getting to know themsleves better and, therefore, get closer to oneself.

At the end of the Master´s Degree, she participated in a volunteering program in Jaipur (India) with children and teenagers from an orphanage, teaching them healthy habits and emotional education. Once again, the experience confirmed the importance of training from an early age in correct emotional management.

Her first job would take her to the United Kingdom, where she experienced in her own skin the challenge of living abroad. On this occasion, she worked in a care home with children and teenagers that came from unstructured families. These kids wore heavy back-packs of trauma and insecure attachment, facing depression, anxiety crisis, behavioral problems…which together with a poor development of social skills, were made frequently victims of bullying, developing in a very damaged self-esteem. Inés worked seeking to restore the emotional and family stability with these kids, bringing them closer to an adaptative social, academic and family reinsertion. 

Over the last two years, and already in Madrid, Inés worked in a private clinic with children, adolescents and young adults. Throughout this period of time she has helped children with anxiety disorders and fears, ADHD, depression, psychotic disorders, behavior problems and bullying working individually in sessions and also throughout social skills in group therapies. 

Throughout this professional, vital and academic journey Inés has had the opportunity to develop, and make hers, the skills to generate in therapy a warm climate based on trust: listen from a position free from judgement, empathize with the individual circumstances and enhance the ability to overcome the barriers that each of her patients have. 

Inés works from an integrative perspective, adapting to the individual needs and finding the strengths of each one to use them towards seeking well-being and personal growth. 

  • January 19-December 19. Master’s Degree of Therapeutic Specialization in Systemic Family Therapy. Comillas Pontifical University (Madrid)
  • September 17-May 19. Master’s Degree in Clinical / General Health Psychology. Comillas Pontifical University (Madrid)
  • September 13-June 17. Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Comillas Pontifical University (Madrid)
  • March 21-Present. General Health Psychologist at Sinews MTI
  • March 20-Present. Online Coach at BetterUp
    • BetterUp is an international organization dedicated to providing online coaching for professionals who work for different companies, with the goal of increasing well-being in both their personal and professional lives.
    • Theoretical and practical training on coaching methodology and techniques, aimed at shifting mindsets and behaviours in order to achieve the desired outcomes.
    • Tasks include conducting coaching sessions in English and Spanish for professionals with the objetive of their gaining awareness of strengths they can apply so as to grow on a personal level and develop their professional career.
  • January 19-December 19. Clinical Family Therapist at Vedruna Primary and Secondary School
    • Direct psychological intervention with students at the school (5 – 17 years old) and their families: low socioeconomic status, broken homes and/or at risk of social exclusion.
    • Conducted therapy sessions for individuals, parents, siblings and families.
    • Tasks included assessment, diagnosis, hypothesis formulation and intervention using several integrative techniques from different approaches: systemic, cognitive-behavioural and humanistic; supervision of cases and preparation of psychological reports.
    • Lead workshop for parents on empowerment and self-esteem.
    • Collaborated in multidisciplinary work alongside the Counselling Department.
  • December 17-June 19. Clinical Psychologist at UNINPSI – Psychosocial Intervention Unit
    • Direct psychological intervention with children, teenagers and adults, as well as couples and families: evaluation, hypothesis and psychological treatment using integrative therapeutic techniques from various approaches: systemic, cognitive-behavioural, humanistic and psychodynamic.
    • Developed interventions and participated in supervision of clinical cases with team of psychologists.
  • September 16-November 17. Crisis Intervention Psychologist at ANAR Foundation – Aid for Children and Teenagers at Risk
    • Crisis/emergency intervention via the telephone helpline for children and teenagers at risk, as well as for adults who knew of a minor at risk: addiction, anxiety, depression, self-harm, eating disorders, abuse, domestic violence, bullying.
    • Theoretical and practical course on psychological orientation, protocols and crisis/emergency intervention.
    • Collaborated with the multidisciplinary team of psychologists, lawyers and social workers.
  • January 16-March 16. School Counsellor at ‘Nuestra Señora de la Merced’ Primary and Secondary School
    • Support for children and teenagers with academic difficulties.
    • Coordinated with psychologists, educationalists, physiotherapists and teachers.
    • Prepared psychological report for Counselling Department.
  • Course on ‘Positive Psychology: Understanding Happiness’. Positive Acorn
  • Course on “Co-Creating Cooperative Partnerships with Reluctant and Demoralized Parents” with Matthew D. Selekman. Spanish Cognitive Psychotherapy Association
  • Certificate of Conscious Business Coaching. BetterUp
  • Onboarding Training for Online Associate Coach. BetterUp
  • Voluntary service as activity leader for teenagers who were suffering from serious illnesses: increasing their self-esteem and personal growth, providing emotional support and acting as interpreter of English and Spanish. Barretstown Camp (Ireland)
  • Individual Systemic Therapy Training Workshop. FOCUS
  • Course on ‘Introduction to Emotionally Focused Therapy’ with Les Greenberg. Comillas Pontifical University
  • Course on ‘Enneagram I’. Gestalt: Psychotherapy and Training (GPyF)
  • Holistic approach, CBT, Systemic, Humanistic & Psychodynamic Therapy.
  • Multidisciplinary teamwork.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Communication skills.
  • English: Native Proficiency
  • Spanish: Native Proficiency

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