Marie Midtun
Division of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Coaching
Marie Midtun
Adults, couples and adolescents
Languages: English, Spanish and Norwegian
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Marie Midtun
Division of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Coaching
Marie Midtun
Adults, couples and adolescents
Languages: English, Spanish and Norwegian
  • Degree in Psychology from the Universidad Europea de Madrid.
  • Master in General Health Psychology from the Universidad Europea de Madrid.
  • Máster in Sex and couple therapy (Sexpol).

Marie grew up in Norway in a family with a passion for traveling, which gave her the opportunity to experience the world from a young age. Curiosity about other cultures led Marie to approach children who were from other countries. When she was invited to their houses, she loved seeing up close how life was like in their family. It was almost like another way of travelling for Marie. She went to an international high school where she met like-minded people and got to strengthen her English skills. When she was 16 years old, she traveled to Ukraine to volunteer in an orphanage.

Her globetrotting spirit has led her to live in Australia (where she began studying Psychology on the Sunshine Coast), Denmark (where she took college preparatory courses in Copenhagen), Peru (Lima) and Mexico (Guadalajara) (through international exchange programs when he was studying) and finally in Spain where she completed her studies.

In between travelling and during the summer holidays as a student, she always returned to Norway where she has been lucky enough to work as a therapist living with adolescents in supervised apartments that welcome minors with dysfunctional families or adolescents with behavioural difficulties (self-harm, conflicts…), experienced trauma and/or addictions. In this job she has discovered that the adolescence is a period of life filled with chaos and battle, and that helping them requires empathy. She learned that in order to guide and motivate for change in their lives, it is necessary to listen to their own desire for change. The intensity of their emotional reactions requires help to analyze and understand the origin of what is happening to them, while at the same time providing them with tools to relieve tension.

Marie, back in Madrid, completed her two Masters: General Health Psychology (UEM) and sexual and couples therapy (Sexpol). She was selected to complete her internship at Sinews with Lidia Budziszewska as her tutor, an authority in the field of third generation therapies and especially in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. At the same time she was completing her training in cognitive behavioural therapy.
Her experience in sexology includes care for people with low sexual desire, support for couples with communication difficulties, treatment of erectile dysfunction and vaginismus. Sexuality, for Marie, is a crucial basis for people’s well-being and she emphasizes that it does not only have to do with sex, but also self-esteem, how we accept ourselves and how we relate to ourselves, others, and the world.
Marie works with adults and adolescents from a behavioural perspective. It is important for her to understand the origin of the discomfort and, above all, what is maintaining the difficulties that her clients experience. In her sessions, she uses the functional analysis, a tool to analyze behaviour. With the help of this tool, and together with her clients, goals and objectives for the therapy is being outlined in order to design an individualized intervention plan. Working closely and openly together with her client and making sure that they have an active role in therapy is essential for success.

By coming to therapy, Marie understands that some of her clients hope to learn to deal with negative emotions, thoughts and feelings related to experiences from their past or present, while others seek to strengthen areas of their lives (self-esteem, sexuality, academic or work performance, social life…). Whatever it may be, Marie is ready to provide her clients with new tools that will allow them to eventually manage their difficulties alone once the therapy is considered completed.

  • EUROPEAN UNIVERISTY OF MADRID. Master´s in Clinical Psychology. 2020-c.d.
  • FUNDACIÓN SEXPOL/UNIVERSIDAD NEBRIJA. Master´s in Sexual and Couples Therapy with Gender Perspective. 2020-2021
  • EUROPEAN UNIVERISTY OF MADRID. Bachelor of Psychology- 100% English. 2016-2020
  • UNIVERSITY OF THE SUNSHINE COAST. 1 semester at Bachelor of Social Science Psychology, autumn 2014
  • ST. OLAV VIDEREGÅENDE SKOLE (HIGH SCHOOL). International Baccalaureate. 2010-2012
  • THERAPIST WORKING WITH ADOLESCENTS. Humana Omsorg og Assistanse, 05/2020 -d.d.
  • ASSISTANT IN HOME SERVICES. Sandnes Kommune, Home services 06/2018 - 08/2020
  • ASSISTANT IN NURSING HOME. Rundeskogen Bo- og Aktivitetssenter, Sandnes Kommune,01/2012 - 08/2020
  • KINDERGARTEN SUBSTITUTE. Adecco Norge AS, Stavanger, 03/2013 - 11/2013
  • ASSISTANT IN NURSING HOME. Slåtthaug Sykehjem, Stavanger Kommune, 08/2011 - 12/2011
  • Military services for the Norwegian Navy, Madla - Sept2012 - Sept 2013
  • Military medical training programme, Sessvollmoen - Nov2012 - Jan 2013
  • Medical Assistant, Madla Sykestue - Jan 2013 - Sept 2013
  • Tasks: Treatment/care for patients with illness and/orinjuries - Observation - Teaching first aid - Psychologicalfirst aid - First aid - Suicide prevention
  • Degree: Able Seaman
  • Elected as the union representative by fellow soldiers
  • Applied functional analysis in clinical intervention -Therapeutic Institute of Madrid (Madrid) - 2021
  • Safety course and guard training, part 1 - 2013
  • Union representative course by the military - 2013
  • Safety course - Managing challening behaviour - 2013
  • Military medical training programme - Level 3 - 2013
  • Military medical training programme - Level 2 - 2012

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