Alexia Kelsey Roncero Alexia Kelsey Roncero Penistone
Spain-United Kingdom
Clinical Psychologist
Teenagers, adults, couples and families
Languages: English and Spanish

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Comillas Pontifical University.
  • Master’s Degree in Clinical / General Health Psychology at Comillas Pontifical University.
  • Master’s Degree in Systemic Family Therapy at Comillas Pontifical University.

Alexia is the daughter of a British mother and a Spanish father, and she is completely bilingual in both languages. She was born in Spain and moved to Manchester with her family, where she studied at Gorse Hall Primary School, which is why she has experienced first hand what it is to be new, both in a school and in a country. Such is her love for the United Kingdom that she visits her maternal family whenever she can, and people in her life know about her English customs: from her typical british humour to Sunday Roast Dinners.

Her first contact with this profession was when she saw how a family member who was within the autism spectrum overcame his difficulties by means of psychological help. Later on, during her life as a high performance athlete she experienced the support of a sports psychologist, with whom Alexia experienced very significative progress in very little time.

During her years at the Faculty of Psychology, Alexia explored different areas, such as human resources, intervention in learning difficulties and sports psychology, and served her internship in intervention in crisis for children and teenagers at risk, at ANAR Foundation, which was a collaboration that she voluntarily prolongued during the following months. This experience brought her closer to complex realities, such as selfharm, behaviour alterations with violence withing the family and bullying, as well as the legal and minors’ protection aspects that are associated.

During her postgraduate years, Alexia received training in several therapeutic models during her work at UNINPSI (Psychosocial Intervention Unit), where she integrated and incorporated tools from Cognitive-Behavioural, Systemic and Humanistic Therapy. Patients attended due to symptoms of anxiety, low spirits, demotivation, work stress… While working with them Alexia aspired to finding the root of these symptoms, which awakened her interest for how the quality of our relationships impacts our wellbeing. In particular, she developed and maintains a specific interest for couples, who she sees as a mirror of insecurities and strengths, and also as a result of what we learn from our early bonds. A universe which has the power of transforming us into the best version of ourselves, but also of trapping us in suffering.

This is why, later on, she decided to specialise in Systemic Therapy. During her Master’s Degree she did her internship at CEIP Vedruna as a therapist for teenagers and their families, where she was able to understand the importance of family bonds and peer relationships, and how transforming the dynamics generates a great shift in the family or group members’ quality of life.

In the summer of 2019 she worked as a team coordinator at Barretstown Camp (Ireland) with children and teenagers who were suffering from cancer. There, she directed activities to promote their self-esteem and provided emotional support for the children. She was mesmerized at how recovering childhood routines without limitations brought back their happiness.

During the last year, Alexia has worked at BetterUp as a coach for employees and executives of international companies who want to better their quality of life, and collaborates with Alimentación 3S, providing individual therapy especially in the field of anxiety and eating disorders.

Her profession is vocational and her priority is to improve her patients’ quality of life, working alongside them to develop their abilities and strengths so as to face the difficulties of their everyday life.

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