Dr. Antonio Vian Lains Dr. Antonio Vian Lains
Doctor specialized in Psychiatry
Languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese

Dr. Antonio Vian was born in Portugal. After graduating from high school he moved to Spain to pursue his Medical Degree at the University of Salamanca, so he learned early in life what it means to adapt to a different country, language and culture.

As a medical student, Antonio co-founded the University of Salamanca’s Model United Nations, its first English-speaking debate group. He went on to represent his university at Harvard University Model United Nations as a delegate for the World Health Organization, where his delegation received an Honorable Mention.

Antonio is quite familiar with American culture and has visited the US several times. As a medical student Dr. Vian did a clinical elective at Yale University in New Haven, CT. More recently he worked for 6 months as a visiting researcher at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, where he helped develop computer based language analysis techniques for the diagnosis of mental disorders. Also, Antonio has several family members living in Miami, whom he visits on a yearly basis.

Dr. Vian completed his Psychiatry training at Fundación Jimenéz Díaz Hospital in Madrid, where he acquired vast experience as a general psychiatrist. He is proficient in diagnosing and treating prevalent mental disorders such as anxiety and depression, and he also received specific training in bipolar disorder, early onset psychosis, OCD and adult ADHD.

Furthermore, Dr. Vian has a special interest in sleep medicine. Sleep disorders are commonly treated with excessive medication that often has high dependence potential and works poorly in the long term. Dr. Vian has developed expertise in a wide range of evidence-based psychotherapeutic and targeted pharmacologic approaches that have been proven effective to treat chronic insomnia and prevent relapses.

Currently, Dr. Vian combines his clinical work at SINEWS with his work at Hospital Infanta Elena, where he works as the liaison psychiatrist responsible for bridging the gap between hospital-based mental health specialists and primary care physicians. His work includes visiting several primary care centers where he delivers direct care to patients with complex needs, sets up procedures to ensure early diagnosis of psychiatric disorders, and trains over 60 primary care physicians.

Dr. Vian is also completing his PhD in neuroscience at the Autónoma University of Madrid.
  • Medical Degree
    Universidad de Salamanca. 2010.
  • Psychiatry Residency
    Fundación Jiménez Díaz. Madrid, Spain. 2012 - 2016.
    Visiting researcher: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (6 months)
  • PhD in Neuroscience
    Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
    "Extra-striatal basal nuclei and the clinical progression of parkinsonism: dopaminergic innervation in non-human primates." Expected graduation date: September 2017.
  • Electroconvulsive therapy training
    Hospital 12 de Octubre. 2013. 22 hours.

Work Experience
  • Attending psychiatrist.
    General adult psychiatry. Hospital Infanta Elena de Valdemoro.
  • Liaison psychiatrist.
    Attending psychiatrist in primary care:
    - Deliver direct care to patients with multi-morbidity and other complex needs in 4 primary care centers in the region of Valdemoro
    - Set up procedures including screening to ensure the identification of psychiatric problems in primary care
    - Training and support of medical and nursing staff in the delivery of psychological aspects of
    - Developing close working links with clinical teams in order to facilitate efficient and effective clinical communication and care pathways
  • Emergency room psychiatrist.
    Hospital Rey Juan Carlos, Móstoles.
  • Resident Psychiatrist.
    Hospital Fundación Jiménez Díaz, Madrid. 2012 – 2016.

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  • Verdura-Vizcaíno EJ, Fernández-Navarro P, Vian-Lains A, Ibañez A, Baca-García E. “[Sociodemographic Traits and Comorbidities in Pathological Gamblers With a Suicide Attempt in Spain].” Revista Colombiana De Psiquiatria 44, no. 3 (September 2015): 159–65. doi:10.1016/j.rcp.2015.03.002.
  • Vian-Lains A, Zamorano MJ. “[Late onset Bipolar disorder, the vascular hypothesis: A case report.]” The Psychiatry Residents’ Casebook. Madrid, Spain, 2014

Teaching experience
  • Collaborating teaching staff in teaching medical students at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. May 2012 – May 2016.
  • Teaching staff of medical degree students at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria.
  • Training and teaching mental health course for primary care physicians in 4 primary care centers. (15 hours in each center).

Abstracts, communications and oral presentations
  • Vian-Lains A , Verdura-Vizcaíno EJ, Baca-García, E. The impact of seasonality on suicide attempts [Poster]. In: The 22nd European Congress of Psychiatry; 2014 March 1-4; Munich, Germany.
  • Verdura-Vizcaíno EJ, Vian-Lains A, Chamorro J, Baca-García, E. Characteristics of Pathological Gamblers With Suicide Attempts In a Regional Representative Sample of Adults [Poster]. In: 167th Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association; 2014; May 03 – 07; New York, NY.
  • Trigo-Damas I, Iwamuro H, Vian-Lains A, Blesa J, Cavada C, Obeso JA. Extra-striatal dopaminergic activity and compensatory mechanisms in parkinsonian monkeys [Poster]. 16th Congress of SENC; 2015; Sep 23-25; Granada, Spain.
  • Trigo-Damas I, Vian-Lains A, Blesa J, Sánchez-González MA, Cavad C, Obeso JA. Early loss of extra-striatal dopaminergic innervation in a progressive MPTP monkey model: a putative compensatory mechanism? [Poster]. In: Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting; 2016; November 12-16; San Diego, CA.
  • Speaker “"Language analysis in psychosis: from indirect observation to biomarker". Friedman Brain Institute, New York, NY. 2016.
  • Speaker “Hablemos de Depresión”. World Health Day talk, Valdemoro Town Hall. 2017.

  • English
    Higher level, TOEFL iBT taken May, 20th 2010, scored 112/120
  • Portuguese
    Native speaker.
  • Spanish
    Native speaker.
  • French
    Basic level.

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