Saray Cáliz Aguilera Saray Cáliz Aguilera
Adult therapist
Languages: English and Spanish

  • Graduated in Psychology (Universidad de Almería)
  • Masters in “Psicología General Sanitaria” (Universidad Europea)

Saray studied her Bachelor´s degree in Psychology at the University of Almería. In her last year of studies, she enjoyed an Erasmus scholarship in Kraków at the Jagiellonian University where she was able to experience first-hand what it means to be an undergraduate in a country and in a language that wasn´t her own.

When she returned in 2013, she moved to Madrid to collaborate, for approximately a year, with the Clinical Institute of Psychotherapy and Rehabilitation, an outpatient clinic where she gained experience working with teenagers and adults who suffered different disorders, specially personality and depressive ones.

In 2014 she decided to move to Brisbane (Australia) for a year where she experienced a cultural immersion living with an Australian family while studying English and working as an au-pair. To this day she still keeps tight bonds with Brisbane, a city that she visits every year. This experience allowed Saray to understand first-hand how enriching living in another culture with a different perspective can be as well as the challenges it involves.

In 2015 she returned to Madrid to study the Master´s degree in General Sanitary Psychology at the European University while continuing working in psychopedagogical support with teenagers with ADHD and learning difficulties, and also collaborating as a volunteer with ANAR Foundation that helps children and teens at risk.

She was selected, as a Master´s student, among many candidates to do her internship for a whole year at SINEWS, receiving training in Third Generation Therapies from our senior therapist Lidia Budziszewska, her tutor and current supervisor.

She finished her training in March 2017 and was selected as the best student in her class to continue working on our team of psychologists.

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