Tommy Gyran Norheim Tommy Gyran Norheim
Children, adolescents and adults
Languages: English, Spanish and Norwegian

Tommy Gyran Norheim, born in Oslo to Norwegian parents, grew up in Gran Canaria where his family moved when he was 4 years old. From a very young age, he grew up as Third Culture Kid among cultures. Thus, he studied for 3 years at the Norwegian School of Gran Canaria and later would continue his education in a trilingual school (Spanish, English and German) surrounded by children from different countries.

In 2013 he moved to Madrid to study a Degree in Psychology at the European University of Madrid. It was his experiences during the internships at the ANAR Foundation (of help to minors with problems), the José Germain Psychiatric Institute and the Center for Social Reintegration for children Victoria Kent that made him decide to specialize in clinical psychology. Tommy describes that meeting people who faced complex family and work situations in addition to suffering symptoms of depression, anxiety ... made him aware of the incredible potential of help that psychotherapy supposes and how it can give us back our ability to keep fighting, to return to work and even to live with a better quality of life.

While studying psychology Tommy worked every summer in Norway as an intern at the Psychiatric Home Service in Harstad, where he helped patients with psychiatric diagnoses who also had a substance abuse problem like alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, MDMA or even heroin. His functions as an intern included the assessment of the risk of relapse in consumption, risk of suicide and the therapeutic accompaniment in the daily life of patients in their environment to reconstruct their life routines without the substance and improve their autonomy and functioning in general. This experience gave Tommy an important knowledge of the mechanisms by which people with psychological problems are much more vulnerable to developing dependence since they use alcohol, or any other substance, as self-medication for the immediate effect of relief of symptoms, which makes the substances so addictive.

In October 2017 he began his Master's Degree in General Health Psychology at the European University of Madrid and became one of the few students selected for a one-year stay at SINEWS, during which he received extensive training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ( ACT) in the hands of Lidia Budziszewska, who is currently his supervisor since Tommy shined so much during his practices that we could not let him go. This therapeutic technique is for him a novel and unique way to help overcome problems from the understanding through metaphors and above all from the acceptance of what happens to us, (anxiety, depression, lack of social skills, etc.) since only understanding and assuming can we overcome our difficulties.

His interest in the child-youth area was born during his experiences at ANAR and the Victoria Kent Children's Center. Tommy thinks that acting on time at these early ages has a huge potential impact given the plasticity of children and adolescents. For this reason, he would expand his training and experience by integrating himself into the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychology of SINEWS under the supervision of Andrea Moreno.

In 2019 he finished his training and thanks to the excellent reviews of the patients he attended during his internship and the brilliant feedback from his tutor, he was selected to continue working at Sinews as a psychologist, where he combines his clinical work with his doctoral studies investigating the empathy in the therapeutic process with the ACoVeo group.

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