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Thursday April 30 and Thursday May 7, 2020
Platform | Zoom
Language | The course will be given in Spanish



Who is this course for?


General Information

Despite routinely working with psychiatrists, we often have a hard time knowing exactly under what circumstances we should refer a client. Once we do, we want to inform our client about the process. However, very often, we ourselves have many doubts about the psychiatrist's intervention, what is the use of each of the prescribed treatments, what adverse symptoms they can give, how long the treatments will last, etc.

These two courses have two essential objectives: (1) provide tools for decision-making on referral to psychiatry; and (2) to publicize the different types of interventions that psychiatrists perform, in order to know what to expect and better be able to inform our therapy clients.

In the first course we will learn to detect risk symptoms and identify certain mental disorders that can benefit from a pharmacological intervention. Participants will learn to use tools that provide security and coherence to the decision-making process.

In the second course we will look in greater detail at the different types of treatment most commonly used in psychiatry, what they are for and what effects they may have on our patients. We will also learn about the most widely used prescription strategies, the duration of treatments and the drug withdrawal process.

In short, these are two courses that allow us to have a concise but complete vision of the role of the psychiatrist in joint intervention, in order to improve coordination between professionals and the quality of care provided to our clients.


When to medicate? Recommending a visit to a psychiatrist
  • General rules
  • Pathologies
How psychopharmaceuticals work
  • Antidepressants
  • Anxiolytics and Hypnotics
  • Antipsychotics
  • Mood Stabilizers
Information for the patient
  • Effectiveness (what to expect and when)
  • Side effects
Coordination of the end of treatment with the psychiatrist or family doctor


60 euros/course - 100 euros/both courses (VAT included)
*25% price discount for Psychology or Master de Psícologia General Sanitaria students. Please provide your student ID number when signing up.


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