Early stimulation activity for parents and their children from 0 to 30 months, in English & Spanish

Support the development of safe attachment between babies and their parents.

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1 hour per week
Group 1: from newborn to early toddlers
Group 2: toddlers till 30 months old

Starting date:
Tuesday, 14th September, 2021
Group 1: Spanish
Group 2: English
Need to bring:
A blanket


  • enjoy activities meeting children´s developmental stage and encouraging to achieve the specific milestones. We are going to work on:
    • gross and fine motor skills
    • balance to facilitate sitting, pulling up to stand, and dynamic balance that helps with those first little steps...
    • attention and cognitive development
    • sense of rhythm and vocalization to support the language and communication skills
    • development of all the senses to encourage curiosity and exploration
    • socialization
    • propioception that helps to develop space awareness and to regulate the vital functions and emotions.
  • support the development of safe attachment between babies and their parents
  • provide a safe space where expat parents of 0 to 30 months children may share their experiences and mutual support
  • encourage social networking between parents in the similar situation of living abroad
  • provide support of a professional specialist in early intervention who can solve the doubts and accompany you through the challenges of maternity/paternity experience.

How the activity is structured:

  1. Welcome
  2. Lap Ride
  3. Theme activity (Textures/Balance/Attention/ Rhythm/Space awareness/movement, etc.)
  4. Free exploration – sensorial/ messy play
  5. Dance/Massage
  6. Between parents – circle talk
  7. Goodbye

There will be an entrance accessible for strollers available for the activity by calle Serrano Anguita 18 with an access to a changing table as well.