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Eating Disorders: More Than Just Problems with Food and Weight

Why won’t she just eat?
Why does he spend hours at the gym instead of with his friends?
Doesn’t she realize that she’s already too skinny?

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Why Your Failed New Year´s Resolution Deserves a Second Chance

Now that we’re one month into 2015, many of you will have thrown in the towel on your New Year´s Resolution.  Some of you might not have set one at all, while others of you were going strong for the first two weeks and then “fell off the wagon” in mid January. If you´re one of the many people who haven´t been able to stick to whatever plan you had in mind, you might be feeling “lazy,” “unmotivated” or even considering whatever resolution you had in mind to be a “lost cause.”

However, what if the fact that you weren’t able to follow through with your goals was related to where you stand in what psychologists refer to as “The Stages of Change¨ model? Would you be able to treat yourself and your supposed “failure” with a more compassionate attitude? And would you possibly consider jumping back on that wagon and starting again? Let’s take a look…

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