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What is Health Coaching?
Health coaching is a process that facilitates formation of healthy, sustainable habits tailored to your needs and lifestyle. A health coach is a nutrition and wellness advisor and accountability partner who works closely with you in taking small, consistent steps that align everyday choices in the kitchen and beyond with the vision you have for your health and well-being.

Who is Health Coaching for?
Health coaching is not for individuals looking for a prescribed diet plan or a quick-fix solution. Rather it's for those who are ready to:
  • explore new ways of cooking, eating, and thinking about food and body
  • make steps, gradually over time, to nurture an intimate understanding of their likes and dislikes and identify the habits that fit their unique body and lifestyle needs

Clients seek Health Coaching because they:
  • struggle to stay consistent with healthy habits
  • are unhappy with their body
  • have struggled to feel fulfilled with diets
  • suffer from an eating disorder or emotional eating
  • want to become more familiar with a greater variety of easy, nourishing meals
  • are ready to make peace with food and body

The Coaching Process

Asess health needs
Clarify health vision & goals
Identify action steps
Explore, Experiment, Practice
Establish wellness toolkit
Along the way you will:
  • Clarify your health vision and goals
  • Identify and prioritize action steps to reach your goals
  • Learn non-diet nutrition for energy, mind and gut health
  • Adopt an intuitive, healthy, satisfying approach to food and body
  • Develop skills to set boundaries and prioritize self-care
  • Gain awareness of limiting beliefs
  • Practice overcoming setbacks
  • Appreciate the support and objective guidance of an independent professional
  • Learn to be your own coach

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