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Outsourcing of the school counselor and educational psychologist (support teacher)

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Sinews provides outsourcing services for: outsourcing of the school counselor and educational psychologist (support teacher), training and workshops, afterschool activities / language teaching through games and support teachers in the classroom.

Outsourcing of the school counselor and educational psychologist (support teacher)

Outsourcing has clear advantages over your own recruitment process:

  • Payment goes from September to June (both included) and the contract is renewed each school year, being able to terminate it without cost with a month´s notice
  • Costs are reduced considerably as the school doesn´t take charge of social security, paid holidays or overtime
  • Recruitment and training is done by SINEWS who is also in charge or substituting the professional as soon as possible in case of sick leave or unsuitability
  • When hiring our services of school counselor and educational psychologist, we offer a free training pack for teachers at the school

The school counselor is in charge of picking up alarm signs detected by the teacher in the classroom, doing a structured observation in the classroom and contacting the parents to communicate the difficulties found and gather additional information. This professional coordinates the services as well as doing a pre-diagnosis (will always refer to outside the school for a definite diagnosis) coordinating the school´s plan of action.

The educational psychologist pays individual attention or in small groups to children who have learning difficulties that prevent them from following the same rhythm as the rest of their classmates such as psychomotor problems that hinder learning how to write or draw, communication and comprehension difficulties or problems to connect to what is happening in the classroom at every moment and with the instructions of what needs to be done.

Training and workshops


Training in child bilingualism, attention deficit, behavior problems in class, learning difficulties or normal development process. The price of an hour and a half workshop is 120 Euros plus VAT and we issue an attendance certificate for the teacher. This spring we will also offer a 10 hour practical workshop on teaching in a second language which is taught in English. Timetable will be Friday afternoon and Saturday all day and the cost will be 80 Euros per teacher for which you will obtain officially recognized continuous training credits.


We organize 1 hour and a half talks and workshops about different topics besides the ones described for teachers like how to stop using nappies, eating problems, sleeping habits, moving with children. The price is the same, 120 Euros plus VAT per workshop/talk.

Afterschool activities / Language teaching through games

Our professionals carry out playgroup activities which are designed according to age to stimulate the development of a second language. These services require a minimum frequency to stimulate the second language enough. We have professionals who can teach playgroups in English, German and Chinese.

Support teachers in the classroom

This service is available for children with serious learning difficulties who would need a more personalized attention or a special school. The goal is to keep the child in his/her age group and in the most normal educational environment possible. The support teacher accompanies the child during most of the school day making sure he/she understands instructions and follows the rhythm of the class. The aim is always to progressively provide more and more autonomy to the child so there is less need for help. This service is usually paid by the family once the problem is detected and when the frequent difficult choice between looking for a special education resource or to continue in the school arises.