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SINEWS is a mental health team based in Madrid, Spain, dedicated to caring for expatriates in their native language.
More than a decade serving international families, staff from embassies, employees in international mobility programs, displaced soldiers and students in international programs endorse us.

Andrea Moreno

Andrea MorenoInCompany Team

Speaks: ES EN
General Health Psychologist

Lucía Largo

Lucía LargoInCompany Team

Speaks: ES EN
General Health Psychologist

Leticia Martínez Prado

Leticia Martínez PradoInCompany Team

Speaks: ES EN
General Health Psychologist

Gema Rubio Herranz

Gema RubioInCompany Team

Speaks: ES
General Health Psychologist

Sinews MTI, IE University
Gabriel de la Rosa

Gabriel de la RosaIE University

Speaks: ES EN
University Counselor

Halima Ettouati

Halima EttouatiIE University

Speaks: ES EN
University Counselor

Clara Martínez Heinemann

Clara Martínez HeinemannIE University

Speaks: ES EN DE
University Counselor

Sofía Salgado Zurborn

Sofía Salgado ZurbornIE University

Speaks: ES EN
University Counselor

Sinews, Hacemos Fácil lo Difícil

Marta San Miguel ArranzIE University

Speaks: ES EN
University Counselor

Download the app for our platform in Iphone and Android:
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Yes, you can use Windows PC, Mac OS, IOS and Android, we recommend that you use Google Chrome as your Browser for the best results.

To create your account you just need to select the profile of the therapist from above and then, the service you want. In the window that will open, select “sign-up” and fill your info you will receive an email to confirm your account.

To log-in, just follow the same process you did to sign-up but just put your Username and Password after you select the Therapist and Service you want.

No, there is not. At 10:30 AM you can book a slot for 11:00 AM. Nonetheless, for the session to take place, first, it must be confirmed by your therapist. Hence, we recommend that you book sessions at least 24 hours prior to the time you want to use.

If the therapist does not confirm the appointment before the time and date you booked, this session can be rescheduled by the therapist, you can use the “Message” service to contact them.

Some of our members have profiles that are used specifically by Students or Employees of Institutions or Companies that have a Service Agreement (S.A.) with Sinews. If you are a regular patient just use the profile that does not have any Logos.

The only difference is that you will have to insert a code to log-in when you select your therapist profile (the one with the Logo of your institution).

Yes, you can request your session to be rescheduled up to 24hr in advance, just send a message to your therapists and they will be able to move your appointment.

Yes, if you cancel 24 hours in advance you can request a reimbursement sending us an email at:

If you need an invoice just send us an email at: – we will email you the invoice as soon as possible.

If you need help with anything else, contact us at: or use the Live Chat to contact our Support Team, you can access this service after you log-in to your account service.
Thank you for using Sinews Online Services!