At SINEWS, we understand the importance of language in any therapeutic process: you need to be able to express yourself freely and to feel understood. That’s why our multidisciplinary team of native professionals offers services in several languages. English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Hebrew … And, of course, Spanish.

The Clinic

Teamwork is our strength. Our professionals work in coordination with skillfulness, quality and warmth while always respecting confidentiality. In our Madrid (Chamberi) office we offer:

Our platform allows you to get an appointment directly with our professionals from home, wherever you live.
Select the time and day that works best for you and connect comfortably. If you cannot attend your session, you can cancel within 24 hours notice. Our platform is 100% confidential, it doesn't have the security problems of other popular video-call services.

They trust us

Universities and schools contract our bilingual psychology, psychiatry, etc. services that are carried out on site reducing costs, and under Sinews’ management.

Services for Companies

We offer different services focused on promoting psychological well-being in the organization and boosting the potential of your employees and managers as professionals.

Support at home

Speech therapists and psychologists will teach your child how to study more effectively and how to improve performance on exams. This type of learning specialist can help children with dyslexia, ADHD and other learning difficulties.

Support in the classroom

When following the teacher in class is difficult , our support teachers help in the classroom allowing children to stay integrated (with the school’s approval)