Couples therapy Madrid

SINEWS offers couples therapy in Madrid based on the belief that each couple has it's own unique balance and that there isn't a recipe for all.

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The couples division at SINEWS is also sensitive to the needs of gay couples and it is a suitable alternative for the treatment of couples’ problems in Madrid.

Why Couples Counseling?

All couples experience conflict to some degree in their relationship. When conflict is not effectively resolved, negative emotions can accumulate and lead to recurring, painful arguments, or a distancing which results in isolation and loneliness.
The goal of couples counseling is to identify the sources of conflict, and to teach effective techniques to resolve it. The focus of couples counseling at SINEWS is on what each individual can do to improve the relationship, rather than what their partner needs to change. Both parties must come with the desire to change his or her own behavior.
Through counseling, couples will learn to be on the same team again. They will learn how to support and inspire each other. They will learn how to regain romance and enjoy real intimacy. Essentially, they will reconnect, and rebuild a life together.

When to Seek Couples Counseling?

Couples seek counseling for a variety of reasons. Some couples want counseling before making an important commitment like getting married or moving in together in order to do the work on the front end of the relationship. Others have a history together and feel unhappy and stuck.
Couples should consider counseling when they are suffering (lonely, angry or irritable most of the time…), or when their relationship problems are impairing their ability to function in other areas of their life (work, parenting, physical health, etc.).
If you are “escaping” by busying yourself in other areas (work, children, etc.) to avoid facing the problems in your relationship, couples counseling is something you want to seriously consider. It’s also important to point out that many couples, at some point in their relationship, would benefit from outside, professional help from a Marriage counsellor in Madrid, to resolve their difficulties.

How Do I Get My Partner to Go to Couples Counseling?

Some people feel uncomfortable with the idea of talking to a complete stranger about personal problems. If your husband, wife or partner is reluctant to go to counseling, it can be useful for the willing party to start counseling alone in order to gain insight. This insight may be enough to influence change in your relationship, or it can give you clarity as to how to proceed (get partner into counseling, divorce, etc.).

How long does Couples Counseling last?

Couples Counseling is usually what’s considered “short-term therapy”; 12 sessions on average.