In Company Accent Modification

The Key to Improving Confidence and Competence.

Cita en la Clínica

People often think that learning a second language only involves learning vocabulary and grammar. However, any second-language learner can tell you that mastering lists and verb tenses doesn’t give you the edge that you need in today’s professional world.

Why accent modification?

  • Increase understanding. Speaking with a clear, natural accent helps your listener to understand your message without confusion.
  • Increase efficiency of relaying information. When your speaker understands you clearly, there is less time lost in repetition of instructions or information, and more time to effectively convey your message.
  • Improve perception of competence. While unfair, the reality is that your accent affects how peers and clients perceive you. By speaking with a clear and precise accent, you will be perceived as more competent and confident in your communication.
  • Improve confidence. When learning a second language, people often feel less confident, which can lead to holding back in communicating with others. This can impede both personal and professional goals. Accent modification can help you speak clearly and confidently.

How does it work?

The goal of accent modification is to enable you to speak American English clearly and confidently while maintaining your cultural identity. Accent modification services are provided by a certified speech-language pathologist within a structured program tailored to your specific needs. An initial assessment will take place to identify individual goals.

These goal areas will be targeted in a systematic manner, either in individual or group sessions. As accent modification takes time and practice, programs will be structured for one session per week for at least 12 weeks, with the option for additional sessions as needed. Throughout the program, the speech-language pathologist will conduct follow-up assessments to demonstrate progress and identify new goal areas. All sessions will be tailored to needs and interests, with home exercises provided to help carry over progress into more natural settings. Sessions will take place within the business location for convenience.


  • Individual sessions: 80 € per 1 hour session
  • Group sessions (3-5 clients per group): 30 € per person per 1.5 hour session

*Prices applicable for businesses located within downtown Madrid. Please email for quotes for other locations.