Dealing with Grief Support Group

The loss of a loved one is one of the most psychologically damaging human experiences.

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Unfortunately, during this period many people have lost family members or friends due to the corona virus crisis. Due to the quarantine, those who have lost somebody cannot properly say goodbye to their loved ones, which makes grieving much harder.

During a mourning process, there are a wide variety of psychological reactions that are normal and expected. As painful as they may be, we must make room for them in order to begin to heal. Therefore, one of the crucial steps of bereavement is the emotional expression of our pain.

To avoid isolation and loneliness during this process, we have opened a support group for people who are going through bereavement.

Who is it aimed at?

This group is directed to anyone who is dealing with the loss of someone close to them and would like to receive support during the mourning process. If you would like to deal with grief surrounded by others who are dealing with similar experiences, and receive information regarding what to expect from the emotional process of loss, this group will be a good tool for you.


The goal of this group is to offer a safe and comforting space that can be used to share and process this devastating experience with people that are going through the same thing. The objectives are: to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, to gain relevant information regarding the grieving process and its different steps, and to practice the recommended exercises in order to advance through those steps in the company of others in similar situations.


The group will host a maximum of 10 participants and a minimum of 3. It will be hosted through the online platform Zoom and will consist in sessions of an hour and a half weekly, every Tuesday from 12 to 1.30. The price per session will be of 25 Euros and the duration of the group will be 10 sessions.

During each session, we will address different topics related to the grieving process and its steps. Different weekly tasks or exercises will be offered in order to help the participants move through each phase of the mourning process. During the sessions, the participants will be able to share their own experiences with grief, tools to manage the emotional impact, and give each other support.


This group will take place in English.