Grief Counseling

When a loved one dies, we are faced with a type of pain like no other; pain that is difficult to describe.

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The grief response can vary greatly from person to person and includes feelings of profound sadness along with others such as guilt and anger. The grieving process evolves more favourably when we face reality by feeling the feelings and expressing emotions, relying on the people who love us, and little by little working to create a new way of life without the person we have lost.

Only 5 to 10% of people that go through a grieving process will develop symptoms of “complicated grief”. After some time has passed from the initial phase of shock, they will not recover their normal level of functioning and will require professional help.

In SINEWS we have assissted hundreds of grieving families, and experience has taught us that both individual and group therapy provide a healthy and effective environment in which to overcome such a loss.

Therapy allows for a more honest and liberating connection with emotions; it helps to find ways to keep the emotional bond with our loved one as we continue to live our lives.

Grief support groups provide an environment of warmth and understanding for sharing pain while learning strategies to cope.