How we work

Our philosophy at SINEWS is simple: make what was once difficult easy.

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How we work

Our philosophy at SINEWS is simple: make what was once difficult easy.

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When we’re troubled by something or feeling bad, it isn’t always easy to look for help, we may not even know what is happening to us or why.

At SINEWS we will analyze your situation with you, and determine the best therapeutic approach for you.

FIRST: Assessment

Usually, one or two sessions will be dedicated to gathering information about the problem and its circumstances.
This process is very important since we work with a cognitive-behavioral method, which is based on how our interpretation (thoughts) of life’s events determines our emotions and behavior, and can block our ability to respond efficiently.

AFTER: Diagnostic hypothesis and Therapeutic Plan

Once an assessment has been made, we will explain to our client what his/her problem consists of and a therapeutic plan to fit his/her needs will be presented to him/her. This is called the “feedback session”.
Generally, the patient will attend 1 session weekly (lasting 50 minutes) which will be gradually spaced out during the follow-up phase.
The therapeutic process lasts an average of 12-18 sessions (from 6 up to 32), and will also depend on the work done by the client between sessions.
Our techniques focus on specific problems and symptom relief. We will keep the number of sessions to a minimum (Solution Focused Brief Therapies).

When in a foreign country, language can become an obstacle

At Sinews we speak your language and our therapists have experienced what it’s like to live in a foreign country, to be part of a mixed marriage… Our Cultural Adaptation therapy will help you with the integration process. Services available also include adult, couple and child and adolescent therapies as well as psychiatric care and neurology in English*.

*see the languages we speak in the Our Team section

Finding a good therapist can be complicated, but finding one that is in direct contact with your doctor is a luxury.
SINEWS is made up of a multidisciplinary team: psychologists, a neurologist and a psychiatrist.
Even though it’s not common, in some cases it is necessary to rule out the possibility that a physical problem is causing the unwanted symptoms. This is where our doctors come in.
Most of our clients don’t need to take medication. However, when it is necessary, the psychotherapist will keep the medical team up to date on the client’s progress. Working together closely will ensure shorter treatment periods and optimal regulation of medication.

Transparency and clarity are our goals:

At SINEWS we will provide you with as much information as you’d like about: diagnostics, the factors that cause and sustain your problem, the therapeutic plan (approximate duration, cost…) and treatment alternatives. You can request to have this information in writing (in a report) if you wish.

Our privacy policy

At SINEWS confidentiality is our commitment. When handling information, we will preserve your anonymity, and protect your privacy.
In order to meet these standards, we are not able to:

  • send reports by fax or email
  • give any information to a third-party by telephone without our client’s authorization (except to parents in the case of a minor)
  • offer consultation to a minor without the express consent of both parents (we will however work with a parent individually in the absence of the minor child)

If at any time any type of information is requested, we will not provide it (not even to schools, universities, companies…) unless we have the authorization from our client, or his/her legal guardian. Information given will be limited to the specific matter for which a release was signed.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to change or cancel your appointment, previous warning of 24 hours is required. Failure to advise Sinews within this timeframe will result in the penalization of the price of the session.
This policy may be relaxed in cases of emergency outside of the patient’s control.