Do you need to hire a psychologist, psychiatrist or speech therapist for your institution?

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SINEWS is an affordable and quality alternative for outsourcing bilingual services in several languages.

Some examples of what we offer:

  • A qualified team of professionals managed by SINEWS, but at the service of your school/university, as well as clinical supervision to ensure quality
  • Round the clock psychological assistance via telephone in your team’s language. This proves to be valuable support for your expat professionals especially in times of emergency
  • Psychologists who can interview potential students for admission to colleges and universities in an external and unbiased way
  • Substitution or replacement of professional members of your staff in cases of leave of absence
  • Carrying out research projects to analyze the psychological aspects of your activity and ways to enhance quality. Recently, NARBON, a company that markets funeral communication products, hired Sinews to conduct a study on the emotional impact of various elements related to the funeral process

How do I hire SINEWS’ professionals?

  • Tell us what you need

Use the contact form to get in touch with us (remember to provide your phone number). We will get in touch with you to carry out a “needs assessment”

  • Plan of action and Estimate

Within 48 hours we will send you a detailed proposal with the professional profile that best fits your requests in terms of professionals, schedule, budget, etc.

  • Starting our work together

Once we agree on a start date, your institution’s needs will be covered. We’ll look forward to receiving your feedback as we periodically meet to discuss any improvements needed.

The prestigious institution Saint Louis University has used our outsourcing services for years.