Childhood bilingualism

The brain of a bilingual child organizes and processes language differently than the brain of a monolingual child.

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So when working with these children it is especially important to have specific knowledge about their reality: Childhood Bilingualism.

In SINEWS we have spent years working with MULTILINGUAL families from the international community, in which each parent has a different origin with a different language and culture. They have taught us what we know and have encouraged us to develop services tailored to their needs:


We have assessment tools that allow us to determine which language is dominant for a child in different areas and skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing … we know how bilingualism evolves and which language needs reinforcement in each area. These tools also help us to decide in which language to administer a psychoedcational evaluation if a child, for example, requires intelligence or aptitude testing.

Bilingual individuals are not immune to having problems with language: stuttering, difficulty with certain sounds … We offer an evaluation and speech therapy treatment plan that include both languages and prevent, whenever possible, eliminating one of the languages.


Families often just want to clear up some doubts: When should a third language be introduced?, What should we do when one of our children suddenly stops responding to us in our native language despite being able to fully understand us?, In which language should our child start learning to read and write first?…

Initially, we will carry out a detailed analysis of the circumstances of each family through a comprehensive questionnaire sent by e-mail. This information would be taken to the appointment in our offices (how many languages, hours of exposure, people who speak to the child in each language, activities in each language, etc.)

The consultation, one hour, would resolve any doubts and a plan of action will be developed in order to achieve balanced multilingual development.
This service is available ON LINE (in Spanish). Click HERE for more information

If you have any specific question regarding your child’s bilingual or multilingual education, you have the chance to benefit from our experts. This is what the SINEWS BLOG is for. Send us your questions through the contact form and you will be able to read the response in our blog.