University Counseling

Going off to college marked a before and after in the life of many of us.

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Not only was it the beginning of our vocation but a step forward in the process of becoming an independent adult. However, nobody says that it is easy. It’s exciting, stressful, turbulent and thrilling.

Most of the university population is under pressure to achieve the expected results, they must adapt to a new social environment in which to find their place, it is their first time away from home and they must cope alone …
If we add the stress of adjusting to another country, another language and another culture we will understand why more and more public and private universities offer counseling services to college students.

Advantages of College Counseling:

  • It provides psychological support to students going through a difficult time and prevents negative consequences such as: early school dropout, academic failure, or simply a decrease in academic performance and emotional complications.
  • It provides reassurance to families and especially to those of students leaving home for the first time or who are studying a course or a semester in another country thousands of miles away from home.
  • It adds prestige to the center, making exchange programs possible with other universities that have the service, and only work with other institutions that will provide this service to their students.
  • It offers the opportunity to assist students with academic difficulties by improving their study techniques and stress management during exam periods and it becomes a communication tool between students and teachers.

SINEWS offers University Counseling services led by a team of multilingual professionals capable of helping students, in international programs, in several languages (including English and Spanish).