Counseling price/session duration/session
Individual psychotherapy for adults 85 euros 50 minutes
Couples therapy, according to nº of sessions 100 euros 60 minutes
Psychotherapy children and adolescents 85 euros 50 minutes
Reduced fee for sessions with Junior Psychologist in morning schedule 50 euros 50 minutes
Reduced fee for sessions with Master Students 35 euros 50 minutes

Coaching price/session duration/session
Coaching session for adults 100 euros 60 minutes

Division of Medicine price/session duration/session
Psychiatry consultation for both adults and children
Initial consultation 60 minutes, subsequent visits 30 minutes.
130 euros

Speech Therapy price/session duration/session
Adults and children: initial interview 65 euros
Report 100 euros
Sesión de feedback y plan de tratamiento 65 euros
Adults and children: 1 sesión por semana 65 euros 50 minutes
Adults and children: 2 sessions per week 55 euros 50 minutes

*The number of hours required to assess will depend upon the nature of the evaluation and the complexity of the case.

Accent Reduction price/session duration/session
Initial interview and evaluation 70 euros
Report 100 euros
Feedback session (along with return of report) 65 euros
Treatment session 65 euros 50 minutes

Psychoeducational Testing

After​ a​ first appointment with a professional in charge of the case, the family will receive a detailed budget especially designed for their case based on the agreed tests and administration time. Initial interviews are with a team psychologist unless otherwise specified.
Cost of test administration is as follows:
Psychology 60€ per hour
Speech Therapy 50€ per hour

Our center offers a discount to associations/institutions with which we have reached an agreement (please inquire):

  • Foreign Universities in Madrid: St Louis University, Stanford University and Other foreign students in Madrid with a Student ID card
  • Members of the Medical and Psychological Association of Madrid
  • Embassy Personnel: USA, United Kingdom, Ireland and others (please inquire) and political refugees
  • English Teachers

Discounts apply to individuals in these groups as well as to their minor children.

Cancellation Policy: If you need to change or cancel your appointment, previous warning of 24 hours is required. Failure to advise Sinews within this timeframe will result in the penalization of the price of the session.
This policy may be relaxed in cases of emergency outside of the patient’s control.