Group Therapy

The power of group therapy is very special.

Meeting other people, even online, who are experiencing similar symptoms or situations or have been through the same thing helps you stop feeling lonely, many people even talk about no longer feeling different or weak.
The group must learn during therapy and with the help of the therapist(s) to respect and support each other and take advantage of the different ways, all of them valid ones, of facing and processing what happens to us.

Scientific evidence tells us that group therapy is more effective than individual therapy for some problems and almost always more cost-efficient.

Maybe you were looking for individual psychotherapy and now you would like to try group psychotherapy? They are not incompatible, but if you are suffering from any of the difficulties that we attend in our therapy groups, we encourage you to try the healing power and relief of the group FIRST. Dare to try!

Our online group therapy also works.
If you cannot travel or prefer not to, online therapy groups are your option.