Speech Therapy for seniors

Speech Therapy rehabilitation is often necessary for the recovery of communication abilities or swallowing skills after a stroke, a neurodegenerative disease, or due to the natural aging process.

Clinic Appointment

Maintaining effective communication is important at any age: it enables us to interact with other people and to express illusions or wishes. In addition, in the elderly, communication can be vital, when transmitting a need or physical pain, or to alert in an emergency situation.

From the Sinews area of ​​Speech Therapy, we take care of the assessment of communication, language, voice and swallowing difficulties, so that our elders can continue to communicate and maintain, or improve, skills that affect daily life.

Some difficulties that our speech therapists can treat are:

  • Expressive language difficulties: when they cannot find the right words, when the words they say don’t seem to make sense, or if the articulatory muscles do not produce the necessary movements for fluent speech
  • Comprehensive language difficulties: when they can’t understand what we are saying, even if they can hear us properly
  • Complications in swallowing, with choking and / or aspirations
  • Mild memory and attention difficulties
  • Voice and voice-respiratory coordination disorders, after a tracheostomy or vocal cord paralysis, or due to the aging process

Dr. Baquero, an expert Psychiatrist in the treatment of the elderly, coordinates the Sinews Senior’s Department and evaluates in a first interview with the patient and / or their family what the next step should be. If necessary, a neuropsychological and / or language evaluation will be carried out to better understand the existence of a memory problem or any other mental capacity, and the necessary services will be coordinated:

  • Memory stimulation (with personalized exercises that affect the evaluated areas)
  • Speech Therapy
  • Psychotherapy focused on finding leisure and social activities that allow you to recover the joy of living