Study coach at Sinews

Clinic Appointment
Alba Ferrero
Division of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Coaching
Alba María Ferrero Vega
Study coach
Coordinator of the specialised services of psycho-pedagogical support and speech therapy at the school
Languages: English and Spanish
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Study coach at Sinews

This service is aimed towards adolescents and adults who feel frustrated with their academic performance and need to optimize their results: 

  • Teenagers who need a little boost at specific times of the academic year, such as testing season.
  • Students preparing for IGCSE, EvAU, A-levels or IBs. 
  • University students
  • Examination candidates

What will we learn?

  • Effective study skills
    • How to extract main ideas
    • How to make a good outline
    • Mnemonic strategies
    • How to study a topic
    • How to prepare for a subject depending on the type of examination
  • Time management skills and appropriate task management
  • How to increase performance on exams
  • Build up a study routine. 
  • Reduce procrastination. 
  • Learn to manage the emotions related to exams: nerves, blank mind, anticipatory thoughts, etc. 

The rate is 78€/session and sessions will last for one hour.