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When should I seek counseling?
Is there something causing you pain or suffering that is making it hard to function?, Do you want to, or need to change certain aspects of your life?, Or is it just that you’re not doing well and don’t really know why?

There are different situations in which consulting a psychologist will be beneficial:

  • When suffering is persistent and the coping strategies you normally use are not working.
  • If you find yourself “blocked” in important situations, or when it comes to making vital decisions in life.
  • When getting through the day seems like a struggle.
  • If you are repeating certain behaviors, even though they are destructive, because you’re unable to change them on your own.

Among some of the most common reasons why our clients turn to SINEWS are:

  • Stress, and disorders that are derived from it, as well as different forms of anxiety, are probably the most frequent causes for coming:
    • Panic attacks or anxiety and phobias
    • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (excessive worrying)
  • Other common causes for seeking counseling are changes in mood:
    From disorders such as Depression, Dysthymia (melancholy) or Bipolar Disorder to Adjustment Disorders following important life events (moving to a new country, death of a loved one, divorce, unemployment…)
  • Very often, disruption of basic drives can be cause for concern: Sleep, Eating Behavior or Sexuality; such as Insomnia, a loss of interest in sex, compulsive eating or anorexia.
  • We also treat Addictions, especially ones that aren’t chemical: Gambling, New technologies, Shopping, Sex…

How can counseling help me?

Positive results are achieved by several means:
Emotional relief is only one of them.
Talking to an objective professional about our problem gives us valuable information and perspective that will help to get us back on track.
The therapist is not there to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. He or she will guide you to finding the answer for yourself. First an analysis of the factors that are the cause of our discomfort is carried out. This is followed by a formal explanation given to our clients (feedback session) about what is happening and how our way of interpreting the situation, our emotions and our behavior may be perpetuating the discomfort. A therapeutic plan is then designed, focusing step by step on changing what influences us negatively and substituting it with effective coping strategies which will be carried out with the help of the psychologist.
There is a method for all of this.

Our center offers quality counseling in the center of Madrid.