Speech therapy for children and adolescents

Speech therapy covers the areas of prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders.

Clinic Appointment

Speech therapy covers the areas of prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders, which could be language disorders (expressive and receptive), speech production disorders, or communication disorders associated with problems with hearing or learning (reading and/or writing) in all age groups.

When should a speech therapist (speech language pathologist) be consulted?

In the case of young children or adolescents, whenever parents, doctors or teachers detect any problem in the areas mentioned above including reading problems, frequent written or spoken grammatical errors, stuttering, difficulties producing speech sounds accurately, the child doesn’t follow directions or appears lost when relating events to him/her, has difficulty describing events and encounters, unusual breathing patterns, hoarse/strained or an otherwise unusual voice.

What type of problems does a speech therapist treat?

  • delayed acquisition of speech or language skills (children that begin speaking late)
  • aphasias (difficulties speaking and/or comprehension)
  • difficulties in producing speech sounds accurately in the first language
  • stuttering (stammering) - Fluency disorders
  • swallowing problems
  • auditory processing disorder
  • reading or writing problems
  • voice disorders
  • communication disorders associated with hearing loss
Also, children or adults diagnosed with other pathologies that could affect communicative abilities like:

  • Autism
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Neurological diseases (multiple sclerosis)

The professionals at Sinews understand the importance of creating assessment reports that provide instructions to family, and the other health care or education professionals in contact with our client.

Particularly, in the case of children, these reports are useful for teachers and enable them to take into account specific target areas of concern and offer appropriate Solutions for the classroom setting.

In SINEWS a clinical assessment can be provided regarding the difficulties that your child may have in a bilingual environment.