Do you want to develop the competences of your team to boost their performance?
Do you want to implement a plan that improves your indicators of work satisfaction?
Are you looking for an effective solution to the relational difficulties of your employees?

The relationship between psychological well-being and productivity, the work-environment and talent retention has been proved in several studies. Also, we have seen how taking care of the well-being of your employees facilitates talent retention. Therefore, from SINEWS InCompany:

  • We listen to the needs of your company to create an individualized program
  • We help you to evaluate and improve the competences of your employees and managers
  • We develop interventions to improve the emotional well-being the employees and managers of your company
  • We facilitate the promotion of activities to transform companies into responsible organizations within their employees

SINEWS InCompany offers different services focused on promoting psychological well-being in the organization and boosting the potential of your employees and managers as professionals:

The level of well-being of the employees is a key indicator of the satisfaction of the employee with the company and the position he or she has.
We offer a variety of workshops and psychoeducational sessions for your employees and managers:

  • Well-being at work
  • Burnout and stress
  • Positive psychology
  • Emotional management
  • Healthy habits
  • Mindfulness

These workshops can be combined with individual therapy sessions with an online psychologist (bono of 6 sessions).

Companies need to adapt to the new demands of the new generations like the millennials: being able to develop yourself professionally and personally in the company they belong to. That is why we offer coaching services to help employees to develop their competences and acquire new ones for leadership, communication and teamwork.
We offer individual sessions of executive coaching and team sessions as well.

A well run organization depends in great part on the capacity for cooperation. Conflicts between members of an organization have consequences, not only on productivity but also in the environment of the business and the satisfaction and continuity of its professionals.

  • Teams today are made up of different generations and cultures that require an extraordinary effort of empathy to create closeness.
  • Conflicts between partners are a very common cause of small and medium business failure. The distribution of tasks, the participation in the promotion of the business and general differences of opinion are the most typical reasons.
  • Many individuals are exposed to tense interpersonal relations on a day to day basis, even blatant confrontation, that negatively affect the work environment.

Sinews works as a neutral, intermediary figure which, after analyzing the conflict situation in depth, helps improve communication styles, brings different points of view together and improves the capacity for cooperation (as long as there is willingness of all parties involved, of course).

Moving to an executive to another country is a challenge for all organizations, the investment in effort and money is negligible neither the amount of stress that the future employee and his or her family will face. How can we prevent the impact of the new situation and its stress?

  • We help your company in the selection process of the candidates that request international mobility
  • We develop prevention programs (Talks & Workshops) to facilitate the adaptation to work abroad
  • We make a follow-up process of the abroad employees as a way to ensure their psychological adaptation to their destination

We are experts on the treatment of psychological problems in international population (expats).

Companies has the challenge of having professional excellence on their workforce and that is why they look for the best profiles for each project and position. This challenge is even more relevant when it comes to evaluate candidate for managing positions.
We introduce an innovative element in the selection process to ensure the success of the candidate: psychological testing. The psychological evaluations run by a clinical psychologist will facilitate the rejection of conflictive personalities and will identify those profiles with a higher likelihood of success in the adaptation to the company or the new position.
Also, we can design you company’s induction plans to facilitate the process of getting into the new company.

Improve your level of self-confidence to express and make business on a different language with a treatment guided by a native speech therapist.
We offer both individual and group sessions, in your own offices, in our clinic or through our online platform.

If your company is interested in knowing more about our services, send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Do not forget to give us a phone number if you want us to reach us quicker).

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