Evaluation, assessment and follow up for multilingual families

Families often have to resolve very concrete doubts.

Clinic Appointment

Families often have to resolve very concrete doubts. When to introduce another language? What to do when our son/daughter refuses to speak in one language even though they understand it perfectly? Which language should they learn to read and write first? In which language should I send my child to school?…

At Sinews we offer a personalized consultation where you can find answers to doubts that you may have over how to educate bilingual/multilingual children. We analyze, in depth, each family´s specific situation, the child´s characteristics, and their environment in order to offer individualized assessment and follow-up.

If interested, all you have to do is simply ask for an appointment through the following form:

  • Initially, we will send you, by email, the SINEWS QUESTIONNAIRE for the Evaluation of Multilingual Families. This will help us to learn about your family´s specific situation (how many languages, hours of exposure, people who speak to the child in each language, activities carried out in each language, etc… )
  • Next, we will schedule an appointment for the FIRST CONSULTATION where we will:
    • Analyze the objectives and difficulties of each family
    • Assess the level of the child´s linguistic dominance by giving a standardized test in English/Spanish.

    We will propose measures to prevent and solve possible difficulties such as a work plan to stimulate language in the most efficient and natural way possible, according to the circumstances of each family.

  • SECOND CONSULTATION: FOLLOW-UP: after 3 months, the family will review with our experts, the evolution of the objectives such as the launch of the work plan, adjusting it according to the advances and difficulties that have been encountered.
  • THIRD CONSULTATION: FOLLOW-UP AND EVALUATION After 6-9 months, we will carry out a new assessment in order to compare the results according to the plan of action that was applied and define long-term objectives.

The cost of the total program is 300€ that will be paid up-front.

And for those who only want responses to a few particular doubts, there is the possibility to have only one individualized family assessment consultation (without an evaluation of the child, which will not be required to attend the session) where the SINEWS QUESTIONAIRE will be used for multilingual families. We will respond to all of your doubts and design a plan of action.

The cost of the single session is 90€.

*This service is available ONLINE