Intensive preparation for job hunting

Has it been a while since you last looked for a job, and does the whole process seem overwhelming?

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Do you want to change your professional career, but your CV doesn’t fit your profile? Do you want to show up for a selection process, but don’t feel like you are able to stand out? Do you need to improve your skills in order to face a round of interviews because you feel insecure?

SINEWS has an approach that is practical so that you can elaborate or redesign your resume and train yourself (with supervision) using the skills that are necessary to shine in the job interview.


  • Formulation of the strong points in your track in a convincing résumé (written)
  • Identification of your strong points and the value that it will add to the company (formal test)
  • Training to formulate your achievements and strong points in a form that is concise and convincing (verbal)
  • Mock job interview with realistic questions taken from selection processes from different personnel from various companies and institutions
  • Recording of the interview in an audio digital format so that you can take it home
  • Personalized feedback from a Coach
  • Detailed analysis of the mock interview with specific recommendations
Duration: 4, 60- min. Coaching sessions.
Languages: Spanish, English, German, or a special mix (especially indicated for people preparing interview in multinational companies or for job posts that require languages).
Price: 280 €
Special optional service: We optimize and translate your resume (to English or German) for an additional 45 Euros.