Multicultural Couples

Relationships between couples are always complex and need something other than just “love.”

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At SINEWS, we help multicultural couples to confront these challenges and we show them how to potentialize that which unites them and to work as a team to confront and overcome what separates them, thus potentializing an enriched, interesting and liberating partnership and a source of happiness for both members of the couple.

They also require effort, dedication and commitment in order to both consolidate these relationships and to allow them to prosper and to continue being a source of satisfaction for both members of the couple.

The relationships between people from different cultures / countries/ religions/ nationalities are even more complex. As well as having to face the typical problems that every couple has, the different cultural values, beliefs, languages, objectives, expectations and customs that each member brings to the relationship can be a constant source of misunderstandings and problems. These couples will need to learn to negotiate and to be more considerate and thoughtful in order to understand each other. Even the basic set of ideas, expectations, wishes and certain learned models about how a relationship should be is not always going to coincide.

The challenge that a couple coming from two different worlds like this faces will consist in finding ways to confront and resolve these differences in a flexible and constructive way. For this, it is necessary that both members know how to identify, learn and understand the other’s points of view and to respect these even if they don’t agree with them. The couple needs to learn to communicate in a clear way and to avoid misunderstandings. A real commitment needs to be made by both members to work towards reaching agreements and creating an atmosphere where the couple can be honest with each other and where diversity is permitted, but at the same time each one should also be prepared to change and adapt out of free will and not because they are obliged to. The relationship should reinforce what is shared and transform the differences into an integrated and valid view for both members of the couple.