Parenting Workshop

Our children are the future, but in order for us to guarantee they develop in a healthy way, we must work on the present.

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Am I doing this right?
Am I causing some kind of trauma?
Am I being too lenient?
Children don’t come with an instruction manual, that’s why we are inviting you to join our

In this 8-session parenting program we want to address the main concerns involved in raising children.
We are providing an outline of the workshop, though sessions will be flexible and will adapt to the participants’ specific needs.

Session 1

We will provide information, guidance and orientation for parents regarding their children’s development and learning process, as well as how to improve their autonomy and self-esteem. We will delve into the many benefits derived from establishing routines, as well as age-appropriate responsibilities, tasks and chores.

Session 2

We will learn to recognize different parenting styles and identify our own so we can make adjustments to better support our children’s development.

Sessions 3 & 4

We will learn different strategies for managing children’s behavior, identifying the best way to set boundaries and establish consequences in a gentle and safe way. Through specific examples and whatever experiences participants wish to share, we will learn to identify those behaviors we wish to enhance or maintain, and those we wish to eliminate.

Session 5

In this session we will explore how we tend to react in specific family circumstances, our own fears and insecurities and how they can affect our communication with others, preventing us from becoming the kind of parents we would like to be.

Session 6

We will reflect on family values and rules.

Session 7

We will work on strategies, activities and games that will foster a more nurturing parent-child relationship. We will emphasize the importance of helping kids cope with their emotions and we will offer tips on how to do so.

Session 8

In this final session, we will answer any specific questions that parents wish to pose, as well as revisit any subject matter that parents wish to expand on.

This is an open group designed for parents of children ages 0 to 9. The cost is 25€ per person and session, or 35€ per couple and session.