Héctor Pastor
Division of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Coaching
Héctor Pastor
Languages: English and Spanish
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Héctor Pastor
Division of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Coaching
Héctor Pastor
Languages: English and Spanish
  • Master in Third Generation Therapies (UNIR)
  • Master in General Health Psychology
  • Master in Psychopharmacology and Drugs of Abuse (Complutense University of Madrid)
  • Degree in Psychology

From his summers at Oxford and Manchester, Héctor especially remembers his bicycle routes, multicultural friendships, and the amazing music culture. It turns out that music for him is a way of living and connecting with emotions. His times as a teenage rocker with friends led to a more professional stage playing in musicals, town concerts, and cover bands to finally end up as the lead guitarist in a Madrid based indie band.

He studied at Elche’s University Miguel Hernández where he earned a degree in Psychology. It was here that he also got the chance to do an Erasmus year in The Netherlands studying at Groningen University. It was a year where he discovered an international environment and a very advanced country in aspects like mobility and open mindedness. This experience helped to challenge and expand the ideas he held about life and about himself. This was in great part thanks to the group of friends he made there, with whom he shared values ​​such as curiosity and the desire to continue growing as people.

Héctor specialized in the field of addictions, first researching the disease in a laboratory, and then beginning to do therapy in clinics with inpatients and outpatients. He discovered that in this disease that is often invisible to the human eye, group therapy has the incredible power to engage people in the processes of change and to teach us to manage emotions together. He had great mentors and colleagues who also helped him to have a very well rounded view of the disease and mental health. The goal in therapy is to never judge, see the person as a whole, and help them become who they feel they want to be.

During his training in multifamily therapy, Héctor personally participated in group therapy where he met families of all shapes and sizes such as a mother with her daughter, a couple without children, people who came alone, larger families, as well as the students of the course. This helped him understand, among many other things, the shame that can be felt while being in therapy and the importance of building a safe environment, which marked a before and after in the way he understood his patients.

To families or couples who are considering starting family therapy, Héctor says: “it can help us to see problems from the outside and in a comprehensive way, facilitating empathy, communication, intimacy, and objectivity. The experiences and emotions that arise in therapy help to get out of the loop of arguments many of us find ourselves in within our relationships.”

In recent years, he has focused on the practice of individual therapy with adult patients who struggle with anxiety, suffer from depression, want to reduce the stress in their lives, or “simply” want to work on their personal growth. He also works with couples who are striving to improve their communication, work in the area of ​​sexual intimacy, or overcome jealousy.

Héctor considers himself an integrative psychologist who places great importance on the patient’s needs and preferences when designing the treatment plan. To do this, he tries to make it easier for the patient to connect their emotions with the present moment and provide concrete guidelines that explain how to change what they need. He has a variety of tools to pull from when facilitating sessions, as not all methods work for all patients. He likes to analyze in depth where the core of the problem is and select which methods to use accordingly. It is perhaps because of this that many patients tell him he hits the nail on the head with his sessions.

  • Psychologist, Consulta Psicológica Alejandro Moreno, October 2023-June 2024. Sexology and general psychology, individual and couples therapy.
  • Psychologist, APAL Madrid (Asociación de Prevención y Ayuda al Ludópata), 2021-2023.
    • Treatment of gambling and behavioral addictions. Individual therapy, online and in-person multifamily therapy.
    • Psychoeducational workshops, group therapy and family therapy.
    • Tutor for psychology students.
  • (Internship) Psychologist, P81 Psicólogos Princesa, February 2022-July 2022.
    • Third generation techniques.
    • Individual therapy and clinical supervisions.
  • Psychologist - Online consultation, 2020-present.
    • Online individual therapy in English and Spanish.
  • Psychologist, Triora Clinic, Alicante, 2019.
    • Addiction treatment. Conducting workshops, group, family and individual therapy in English and Spanish.
  • (Internship and volunteering) Psychologist, Concienciados (Valencia), 2018.
    • Addiction treatment. Workshops and group therapy. Therapy with patients' families.
  • (Internship) Psychologist, Department of Psychobiology of the UNED, February-July 2017. Research on the effects of cocaine and alcohol on the brain. Psychologist, Department of Health Psychology, University of Alicante, 2016. Neuropsychological tests on children and adolescents for data collection for a scale study
  • (Internship) Psychologist, SOFAD - Adolescent Family Care Service, Alicante City Council 2015.
  • Co-therapist in systemic family therapy working with adolescents and families. Participation in parent school and workshops with adolescents.
  • Master in Psychotherapy, Third Generation Therapies, 2021-2023. BIND.
  • Master in General Health Psychology, 2017-2019. CEU Cardenal Herrera University.
  • Master in Psychopharmacology and Drugs of Abuse, 2016-2017. Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Degree in Psychology, Miguel Hernández University of Elche, 2010-2015. Erasmus Program at University of Groningen (Netherlands).
  • EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) level 1 training for the treatment of traumatic experiences. EMDR Spanish Institute, 2023.
  • Training in "Expert in Multifamily Therapy", Elche Interfamily Therapy Center and ABD Association, 2020-2021.
  • Socidrogalcohol Course "Basic Skills of the Health Worker in the Context of Addictions", 2020.
  • Assertiveness Training, the antidote to Depression. University of the Basque Country, 2019.
  • Center for Creative Leadership, Leadership Essentials: leadership and personal growth course, 2018.
  • Anti-Drug Agency Course: Social mediators in drug addiction prevention, 2017.
  • Emotions and addiction prevention workshops for children and adolescents. Parents School, Alicante City Council, 2015.
  • Co-author of the poster at the II International Congress of Psychobiology in Ávila entitled Simultaneous cocaine and alcohol intravenous self-administration in young rats. Won the award for best poster, 2017.
  • Talk-workshop on gambling prevention at Colegio Mayor Santillana, 2022.

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