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Choosing a career is an important decision and a difficult process.

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Would you like to make a decision about your career, but you feel lost? Have you started to evaluate different options but you don’t feel what fits with you more? Choosing a career is not easy. At Sinews we help you ask yourself the most important questions to find the information that will allow you to make a decision based on your desires, interests and personal qualities.

It is essential that the decision about our professional future should be based not only on the more or less realistic or fanciful idea we have of what a certain job might consist of, but also our personal qualities and our interest profile. The ideal would be to choose a profession that takes full advantage of our skills while we find it stimulating and feel fulfilled.

The purpose of the abilities test (intelligence profile) and professional preferences is to give guidance on career choice, a vital decision considering we spend a third of our time at our workplace.
Vocational or career counseling is of particular interest to young people aged 16 years and adults who wish to change their professional path.

In the career counseling session the following tools are used:

  • Personal Interview with our psychologist to explore qualitative point of the decision (desires, qualifications and doubts).
  • Interests and career preferences Questionnaire, for over 13 years.
  • Identification of strengths instrument

The personal interview allows us to obtain information on personal qualifications (early development, academic background, skills and extracurricular interests, personal or family contact with the reality of different professions …) as well as personality traits (ability to persist, sociability, communication and negotiation skills, mental flexibility, need for stimulation, awareness of one’s goals, self confidence…) The decision process and the basis on which the person has been working up until the interview is also analyzed.

Interests and career preferences Questionnaire is an instrument specifically designed for: a) informing of what activities brings us more satisfaction and b) determining the degree of knowledge we have about the tasks involved in different professions.

Identification of strengths instrument It allows us to explore our strengths to realize what kind of activities and opportunities needs to provide our work so that we can function at an optimal level. The use of personal strengths is related to the perception of motivation, strength, authenticity and fulfillment at work and is the basis of efficiency and labor welfare. This knowledge will allow us to choose a job we like and favors our best performance, besides ruling out those who could lead to further job dissatisfaction.

The personal interview and the tests complement each other and provide valuable information when planning the choice of a future career. After the evaluation process, during the concluding session, the results will be analyzed and a report will be given with the skills profile, professional preferences and other prominent results.

Duration of the assessment and fees:
Two assessment options:

Package A: 160€

  • Personal interview
  • Evaluation of interests and professional preferences
  • Feedback: explanation of the results and delivery of the report

Package B: 250€

  • Personal interview
  • Evaluation of interests and professional preferences
  • Implementation of the test of strengths
  • Feedback: explanation of the results and delivery of the report