Specialized academic support

SINEWS offers specialized academic support for children in primary and secondary school who have learning difficulties.

Clinic Appointment

Our home-based and classroom support specialists are professional learning specialists, psychologists and speech therapists, who offer services in English and Spanish for students attending bilingual or international schools within the Comunidad de Madrid.

How do I know if my child needs specialized educational support?

Some of the following signs could indicate a possible learning difficulty:

  • Delayed academic development in comparison to his/her age group.
  • Unsatisfactory academic performance compared to the time spent studying.
  • Apparent lack of concentration and attention.
  • Lack of motivation towards learning.
  • Low reading comprehension.
  • Writing issues (spelling, grammar mistakes, etc).
  • Below average math skills.
  • Language or communication difficulties.
  • Difficulty relating to classmates, teachers or relatives.

What kinds of problems can a support specialist help with?

A support specialist does not replace therapy with a psychologist or a speech and language therapist. However, this service offers specialized classroom or home-based after-school support, focusing on academic contents (homework, projects, exams, etc.) and training the child in study techniques (time management skills, task organization, etc.)
A support specialist can help when there is:

  • Dyslexia: reading and writing difficulties.
  • Dysgraphia: writing difficulties, including words (spelling mistakes, letter inversions…) and text compositions, as well as hand-writing issues.
  • Difficulties learning mathematics: related to numerical operations as well as problem solving skills.
  • Attention deficit with or without hyperactivity.
  • Generally low academic achievement, below that expected for age and education level.

Different types of academic support are available in English and Spanish.

Classroom support

The learning specialist will accompany the student in the classroom in order to achieve personalized, integrated support that is adapted to the academic curriculum. This type of support requires previous permission from the child’s school.
This option is aimed towards children who experience significant problems in following the class and those who fundamentally need individualized attention (autistic spectrum disorder, attention deficit, language difficulties…)
The minimum service offered in this case is 2 hours a day/3 times a week (6 hours/week total). Rates vary according to the number of hours required (See prices below.)

Home-based support

With the comfort of receiving educational support at home, the specialist will help the child overcome learning difficulties in the language used at school for each subject (English and/or Spanish). This service is available starting from 1 hour 30 minutes/2 days a week (3 hours per week total). Rates vary according to the number of hours required. (See prices below.)

Specialized academic support at Sinews

This option suits children who might not necessarily need intensive support at home or at school, but rather, a little help that would allow them to overcome their difficulties. The rate is 70 Euros/hour for sessions held once a week and 60 Euros/hour for sessions that are held twice a week.

IMPORTANT!: Before starting an academic support service it will be necessary to carry out an initial interview which will last one hour (rate: 70 Euros). This interview is only with the parents/guardians and all documentation and any previous reports available must be brought in order to better evaluate the existing difficulties and the type of support that the student will need. If a complete psycho-educational assessment is needed beforehand, the evaluation will be held at SINEWS offices.


3 hours/week 1.5 hours – 2 days/week 35 Euros/hour 420 €/month
4 hours/week 2 hours – 2 days/week 32,5 Euros/hour 520 €/month
4.5 hours/week 1.5 hours – 3 days/week 30 Euros/hour 540 €/month
6 hours/week 2 hours – 3 days/week 27,5 Euros/hour 660 €/month


10 hours/week 2 hours/day, 5 days/week 25 Euros/hour 1000 €/month
15 hours/week 3 hours/day, 5 days/week 22,5 Euros/hour 1350 €/month
20 hours/week 4 hours/day, 5 days/week 20 Euros/hour 1600 €/month
30 hours or more/week 5 or more hours/day, 5 days/week 17,5 Euros/hour 2100 €/month