Support Group for Survivors of Sexual Trauma

A support group is a safe place where people who have lived similar experiences can come together to share and be heard in an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding.

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Our goal throughout the sessions will be to gain a better understanding of trauma, the psychological aftermath and the process of recovery.

How does it work?

The group follows a planned 10 session schedule in which we will look at different elements of trauma and the process of recovery. We will not discuss the specific stories of each member but focus instead on how we are doing in the present moment and the different elements that are important to focus on while we are recovering from a traumatic experience.

The road to recovery from an experience of sexual trauma is a long one in which different emotions and patterns appear. The feeling of isolation is usually a common denominator while we are in the midst of it. Through joining the group you’ll see that you´re not alone and a deeper understanding and compassion towards yourself and the process you´re in will be gained.