Carolina López Jiménez Carolina López Jiménez
Child, adolescent and adult therapist
Languages: English and Spanish

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology- Universidad Autónoma of Madrid
  • Bachelor’s degree in Educational Psychology- Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia
  • Post-graduate degree in Early Assistance- Universidad de La Salle de Madrid

Carolina started her academic life studying a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in which she would develop through various internships and volunteer service with patients afflicted with serious mental illnesses in the Assistance Center of Ciempozuelos, female victims of gender violence in the Town Hall of Alcalá de Henares and families with intellectual disabilities in the “Unidad de Respiro Familiar”.

After finishing her degree, Carolina moved to Finland where she spent a year working in a bilingual Spanish-Finnish preschool where she presented a project which received financing from the EU for development of academic activities which would favor bilingualism from preschool education. It was there where she discovered her true calling: psycho-educational work and support of those with learning difficulties in multilingual settings.

Upon returning to Spain, she had the opportunity to work on a team at a juvenile detention center where she developed psycho-educational functions of academic support and social reintegration. Meanwhile, she continued her post-graduate studies in Early Assistance through which she would have real life interactions with children with special needs and learn about their early detection and the need for a multidisciplinary approach.

The next natural step for her, without a doubt, was to study Psycho-Education which would permit her to learn more profoundly the distinct causes of scholastic failure as well as the measures to avoid it and help each student achieve their maximum potential. So she completed her practicum at a public school in the Community of Madrid where she was able to develop the abilities and competencies necessary to work in the Orientation Department: detection of learning difficulties, evaluation and diagnosis, intervention through specially designed support according to the needs of each student and design and implementation of curricular adaptation.

Starting five years ago, Carolina collaborates with Sinews as a learning specialist forming part of the Orientation Team for the Aquinas American School, counseling teachers and families and realizing intervention for the students of the school in need.

As such, through SINEWS, Caroline is the Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO) for IE University (Madrid and Segovia), responsible for the evaluation of learning difficulties of the students and the design and monitoring of curricular adaptations for those students with special educational needs.
  • September 2012-Currently: Learning SpecialistAquinas American School. Sinews
    Psycho-educational assessments and intervention with kids with ADHD, ADD, reading and writing delay or disorder, workshops and counseling for parents and teachers.
  • October 2011-June 2012: Counselor assistantParque Vallejo School. Alovera
    Psycho-educational assessments and intervention with students, counseling for parents, reports preparation. University practices.
  • September 2010-June 2012: English teacherSan Agustín School, Madrid
    Teaching basic English knowledge for kids through games and dynamic methods.
  • September 2010-December 2011: PsychologistLos Nogales Home for the elderly, Guadalajara
    Leisure and cultural activities coordination, cognitive stimulation in collaboration with the Occupational Therapist, workshops and family intervention.
  • November 2009-July 2010: English teacher. Leisure time instructor for kids with hearing impairmentActiva
    English support for kids with special needs during the academic year and and summer camp.
  • May 2009-November 2009 (substitution): Study guideMaster-d, Madrid
    Educational counseling, initial personal interviews with students and follow-up, employment orientation, administrative tasks, study techniques.
  • April 2007-December 2008: Human resources consultant RRHHManpower & Agio ETT, Alcalá de Henares
    Recruitment, selection of personnel and administrative tasks.
  • December 2006-March 2007 (substitution): Social educatorGrupo Norte. Centre of Minor offenders El Pinar, Madrid
    Social and educational intervention with minors with legal judicial measures.
  • August 2005-September 2006: Foreign language teacher assistant. SVE (AFAIJ)“Mi Casita” Nursery School. Helsinki (Finland)
    Child care from 2 to 6 years old, in all their developmental aspects, in a bilingual Spanish-Finnish nursery school.

Language Skills
  • Native Spanish Speaker
  • Fluent in English
  • Intermediate Italian level

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