Gloria Baquero Mahecha Gloria Baquero Mahecha
Adults and people of advanced age
Languages: English, Spanish and Danish

Doctor Gloria Baquero Mahecha studied medicine at Sabana University in Colombia, her native country, where she was required to pass the TOEFL to obtain her medical degree. Thus, thanks to her complete professional competence in English and being a brilliant student, she was able to train for a semester in the research area in Psychiatry at UT Southwestern University in Dallas in the areas of Psychosis and Bipolar disorder. At the time, Gloria already had a clear vocation: her interest in learning the biological bases of human behavior and emotions, combined with her regard for a more personal and close doctor-patient relationship led her to psychiatry.

To complete this path she chooses to move to Spain, where she works in an nursing home while preparing the MIR (the test to access medical specialties training). During this time, she discovers that she loves working with the elderly, both because of the richness of the experiences of other times that they share and because of the indignation caused by the tendency to evict or reduce therapeutic effort and dignified treatment when patients are over the 80-year barrier.

She completed her specialty degree in Psychiatry at the Navarra University Clinic where she trained both in the care of acute patients with an urgent discomfort (panic attacks, suicide attempts, acute psychoses...) and the continuity of patient´s care already in consultation until discharge for improvement. During her specialization, she would reconnect with the reality of older adults in a rotation in Psychogeriatrics at the Sagrat Cor Hospital in Martorell and also participating in several courses and conferences on this topic.

Expert in distinguishing cognitive impairment due to physical cause from secondary impairment to a depressive state as well as in diagnosing mental problems in elderly people with neurological problems such as Parkinson's or brain-vascular accidents and treating behavioral problems in people with dementia, Gloria is aware of the need to look for treatment options that do not interact with the numerous drugs that the most senior take daily.

At the end of her specialization and after reaching a B2 level in Danish, she moved to Aalborg, a city in the north of Denmark, where she worked as a Psychiatrist at the university hospital for a year and a half. There she divided her professional activity in the care of adolescents and adults with emotional problems of different causes, , especially due to the difficulties that arise due to the change of residence, frequent in exchange students, multiracial couples as well as problems arising from situations of high stress at work. Part of her clinical performance in addition to external consultation, occurs in the hospital setting in units of admission for patients with more acute conditions and who require more intensive care.

She returned to Spain in 2015 and settled in Madrid. She joined a multinational Travel Insurance Assistance Center as a medical advisor. In this work her experience as a doctor and psychiatrist allowed her to attend and handle cases remotely in different countries as well as perform medical escort duties in cases that require repatriation due to acute mental states.

Dr. Gloria Baquero is an experienced psychiatrist with a warm and friendly touch that makes consultation easier. Her concern with offering the best treatment adapted to each case gives excellent results regarding patient and family satisfaction.

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