Week long Emotional Regulation Group for teens

Often the lack of social skills and emotions such as stress, shyness or insecurity prevent us from enjoying our daily lives.

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Summer is the perfect moment to pay attention to our emotions and to improve new skills.
In this group, teenagers between 13 and 18 years old will be able to learn and to improve how to tolerate difficult situations, how to deal with their own emotions and how to improve their social skills using fun activities like art exercises, role-playing, games and group dynamics.

These exercises created from ACT therapy and dialective behavioral therapy have shown their effectiveness in improving social skills, emotional regulation and prevention of problems related to mental health as well as improving well-being in adolescents.

Our therapists Saray and Leticia are experts in this type of therapy and group management, but above all they are specialists in working in a practical and playful format to promote learning in a fun and applied way.