Learning the practice of mindfulness, by Vicente Simón

To anyone who wishes to live the present moment more fully, escape the “automatic pilot mode” and experience emotional fulfillment, we are introduced to the practice of mindfulness by psychiatrist Vicente Simón. 

The closest definition of “mindfulness" would be "full attention or awareness". Which means: paying close attention to the present moment with full intent and passing no judgement over what is being experienced. Or in other words: being aware of our experiences while they are being experienced. According to the author, mindfulness can also be described as “the universal and basic human ability of being aware of our mind’s content moment to moment”. 

To sum it all up, practicing mindfulness consists in setting our constant worrying about the past and future aside in order to calmly experience the present moment. Instead of ruminating over dreaded future scenarios that fill us with anxiety, we attentively focus on what is happening right this second.

Over the course of this accesible and light guide, Dr. Simón brings us closer to different observations of prominent thinkers and philosophers on the subject of full awareness and experiencing the present; all the while teaching us the most important aspects of a mindfulness practice: observation, not identifying ourselves with out emotional states, acceptance and lack of judgement, curiosity, coping strategies to manage strong negative emotions, self-acceptance and practicing love and compassion for oneself. 

In addition to providing us with the necessary tools to understand and practice mindfulness, Simón offers us a varied array of guided meditations which will be crucial in the endeavor of exercising this newly gained state of mind in our daily lives.

As the author concludes, the constant and overwhelming flow of thoughts that have little to do with the present moment, impedes life itself. Therefore, the practice of mindfulness becomes a basic tool in order to gain peace of mind and happiness.

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Inés Zulueta Iturralde
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