Clara Martínez Heinemann
Division of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Coaching
Clara Martínez Heinemann
General Health Psychologist
Adults and adolescents
Languages: English, German and Spanish
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Clara Martínez Heinemann
Division of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Coaching
Clara Martínez Heinemann
General Health Psychologist
Adults and adolescents
Languages: English, German and Spanish
  • Degree in Psychology at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
  • Master's Degree in General Health Psychology at the Universidad Villanueva.

With a German mother and a Spanish father Clara has grown up in a bilingual and multicultural environment on which she has built her personal skills and interests. Clara has grown up in Madrid, with her parents and her paternal family, but she has been in constant contact with her German family spending her summers in Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin.

She spent her schooling from kindergarten to the age of 18 at the German School in Madrid, with teachers and classmates of different origins. Nowadays she values especially the promotion of independent learning and critical thinking that the school provided her, while at the same time she is aware of the high academic demands of this educational system.

Since adolescence, Clara has had a special interest in understanding social relationships and emotions. In secondary school and after completing training, she worked for three years as a school mediator providing support to the school psychologists in the resolution of conflicts between primary students. She loved the experience of supporting the little ones who were more alone or who had a fight, teaching them to manage emotions and to empathize with others. It was there that she understood that children’s problems are no less important, since difficulties that may seem minor have a major impact on the little ones.

Studying Psychology at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, she was interested in behavior analysis as an evidence-based approach that allows an efficient therapy adapted to each person and their context. She extended her training at the Center for Applied Psychology at the UAM with a training in Motivational Interviewing, a methodology focused on supporting the client with the change they want to achieve. which helps them to explore and resolve ambivalences so that they can engage and persist in the direction they have decided to take.

After completing an internship in recruitment for Sales Hunters she decided to focus her Final Degree Project on primary prevention of psychosocial risks related to working from home. In her opinion, the relationship between performance and well-being at work is unquestionable and in that sense, working for the integration of each member of the team is always beneficial. She developed a program aimed for companies interested in evaluating and reducing the psychosocial risks related to teleworking.

During the Master in General Health Psychology, she completed an internship at the Mental Health Center ITA Moscatelar in the Eating Disorders Unit. For Clara, eating is «just» one more symptom, the tip of the iceberg, of a deeper problem that requires multidisciplinary attention and always working as a team with families.

Clara was selected for her second MPGS internship at Sinews, under the guidance of the psychologist and coach Eva Herber, her current supervisor. With her guidance she has been able to learn and get an approach to Positive Psychology and Strengths Coaching. where she discovered the therapeutic power of focusing on what the patient already does well and promoting it, instead of focusing on what he/she does wrong and trying to correct it. In her work with adult patients suffering from depression, work stress, self-esteem problems and cultural adaptation difficulties, she shone with her own light and the company integrated her as soon as she finished working with the team.
She is currently in training in the child and youth department to work again with children and adolescents, where early intervention prevents problems from developing into major difficulties.

Clara offers a safe space to freely express the difficulties or situations that generate distress and thus accompany and treat, with respect and without judgment, the personal needs of each patient.

  • Master's Degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology, Clinical Psychology. Edeca Training, April 2023 - March 2024
  • Master's Degree in General Health Psychology. Villanueva University, October 2021 - March 2023
  • Degree in Psychology. Autonomous University of Madrid, 2017 - 2021
  • School education. German School of Madrid (DSM), 2005 - 2017
  • General health psychologist. Sinews (Madrid), March 2023 - present.
    • Clinical Sessions (Evaluation and intervention)
    • University Counceling
  • Internships. Sinews (Madrid), September - February 2023.
    • General Health Psychology (multilingual):
    • Clinical sessions
    • Case conferences
    • Supervised therapy
  • Internships. Ita salud mental (Moscatelar, Madrid), June – July 2022.
    • Eating disorders:
    • Participation in workshops and group dynamics
    • Supervision of patients in daily life activities
    • Clinical sessions
  • Internships. Psicólogos 81 (Princesa, Madrid), February – May 2022.
    • General health psychology:
    • Clinical sessions
    • Supervised therapy
  • Internships. Sales Hunters (Madrid) , February – May 2021.
    • Human Resources (HR) - recruitment:
    • Screening of applications
    • Interpretation of employment tests
    • Interviews
    • English level evaluation
    • Report writing
  • Course: Sand-box technique, El Núcleo.
  • Course: Applying Motivational Interviewing to health problems: a useful tool in treatments (5th edition), Center of Applied Psychology – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
, 50 hours.
  • Course: Detection and Evaluation in High Intellectual Abilities (2nd edition), Center of Applied Psychology – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 25 hours.
  • Course: School Mediation, German School of Madrid, 60 hours.
  • School mediator: German School of Madrid, 09/2014 - 06/2017 (30 months). Support the school psychologists, Mediation: resolution of conflicts between primary students
  • Spanish: bilingual or native
  • German: bilingual or native
  • English: full professional competence

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