Guillermo Gabarain
Division of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Coaching
Guillermo Gabarain
Adults and couples
Languages: English and Spanish
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Guillermo Gabarain
Division of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Coaching
Guillermo Gabarain
Adults and couples
Languages: English and Spanish
  • General Health Psychologist.
  • Degree in Psychology, San Jose State University, San José, California, EEUU.
  • Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Santa Clara University, California, EEUU.

Although Guillermo was born in San Sebastián (Basque Country), he has lived in different parts of Spain and the United States, which is why he considers himself multicultural, bilingual and somewhat nomadic. During the last years he has lived and worked between Madrid and Miami, which allows him to be in contact with different cultures.

One of his greatest interests from a young age was to understand how our personality develops, what motivates us to be the way we are, and why we behave in a certain way. He also wondered why some people seem to be happier and more adaptable to life’s circumstances than others. Guillermo was able to convert this interest in people into his vocation and professional career, which he has been doing for more than 20 years. In 1996, Guillermo graduated from San Jose State University (California) with a degree in Clinical Psychology and in 2001 completed a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Santa Clara University (California).

Throughout these years, Guillermo has come to the conclusion that people are constantly changing and evolving. Who we are and how we behave is not only a product of genetics and the experiences we live, but also of our values, of what we believe is most important.

What Guillermo values ​​most personally at the moment are his family and personal relationships, since these give him security, love and affection, a space for growth and structure. Another essential value for him is «experience». Perhaps because he has been an expatriate all his life, he needs to face new challenges and meaningful experiences that allow him to continue learning and growing. «Humanism», or in other words, solidarity and interest in people, is what motivates him in his vocation and gives meaning to his work as a psychologist. Helping and guiding his clients on their way to a satisfying life consistent with his vision, is for him, his «daily bread.» Finally, he also considers «effort» essential: feeling that he has given his best, since sometimes the results are not completely in our hands.

During his training in California, Guillermo specialized in Mental Health diseases (Depression, Bipolarity, Anxiety, Personality, etc.), carried out research in the area of ​​multiculturalism and actively participated in promoting a health system open to immigrants and the minorities. Recognizing the importance of the family in the Latino culture, he delved into the study of Systemic Theories and worked with several organizations providing training to low-income families in communication, organization and education issues.

At the turn of the millennium, Guillermo returned to Madrid (Spain) with the aim of providing his children with family warmth and cultural roots. Professionally, he specialized in the treatment of addictions and drug dependencies, working as a clinical psychologist and supervisor of several programs (Hospital and Intensive). Undoubtedly, for Guillermo this work was wonderful because, as he says, his clients taught him the great achievements that we are capable of achieving. Working with people severely addicted to alcohol, cannabis, heroin, tranquilizers, cocaine, and other stimulants, he witnessed extraordinary recoveries.

Perhaps one of the experiences that changed him the most was developing a Family Care Program in the Neonatal Unit (NICU) at the 12 de Octubre Hospital in Madrid, where he supported parents of newborns and premature babies (24 weeks) or with serious illnesses. This pioneering program in Spain assisted many families during the arduous and painful process of staying in a NICU.

In the year 2012, Guillermo decided to migrate with his family back to the United States with the aim of continuing his professional development, and give his children the opportunity to live abroad, learn another language and culture. During the following 6 years, Guillermo had the opportunity to collaborate on numerous projects, from working at the Florida International University (FIU) guiding university students, or implementing a Mental Health and Addiction Treatment program for HIV/AIDS patients, to help immigrants in deportation proceedings or applying for asylum in a humanitarian way.

During this last stay in the US, Guillermo has also acquired training and experience in the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy and the Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT) from Dr. Sue Johnson. These scientifically validated therapeutic models help couples to experience and share their emotions and basic emotional needs, and structure new interactions between the members of the couple or the family, in a way that creates a more secure bond. In addition, couples learn what the pillars of a healthy relationship are, and develop the tools to maintain a satisfactory, balanced relationship consistent with their values ​​and needs.

Recently, Guillermo returned to Madrid with his family. Although he continues to collaborate with projects in Miami, assisting clients with complicated immigration situations, he has been collaborating with SINEWS since 2022, with the aim of continuing to develop as a psychologist and coach, and to continue contributing wherever it is needed. He has recently completed training as an Executive Coach and obtained the PCC certification through the “International Coaching Federation” (ICF).

Guillermo’s fundamental objective as a professional is to help his clients find solutions to their problems, and to develop the necessary tools to overcome complex situations and regain balance on their own.

  • 1996 - Bachelor Degree in Clinical Psychology
    San Jose State University, San José, California, EEUU
  • 2001 - Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (Counseling Psychology)
    Santa Clara University, California, EEUU
  • Psychologist, Adults and Couples: Instituto Europeo de Psicología Positiva (IEPP), (3 years).
  • Psychologist in Private Practice, Adults, Adolescents and Couples, (15 years).
  • Clinical Therapist, Florida International University, (2 years).
  • Child and Adolescents Clinical Therapist, Chrysalis Health, (1 year y a half).
  • Clinical Services Supervisor, Care Resource, (3 years).
  • Program Supervisor / Psychologist, Neonatology Department - Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre, (1 year).
  • Assistant Director / Addictions Psychologist, CAID de Móstoles - Fundación Salud y Comunidad, (3 years).
  • Addictions Psychologist, TAVAD - Tratamientos Avanzados de la Adicción ,(1 year and a half).
  • Mental Health Therapist, Gardner Family Care Corporation, (3 years).
  • Mental Health Therapist / Coordinator, Momentum for Mental Health, (4 years).
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  • Executive Coaching, Escuela Europea de Coaching, Madrid (2010 y 2020).
  • Advanced Psychotherapy Skills Training, Consejería de Sanidad de la Comunidad de Madrid (2007).
  • Family Wellnes : Certified Instructor, Family Wellness Corp, EEUU (1999).
  • Crisis Intervention Specialist : Certified Instructor, Crisis Intervention Institute, Inc., EEUU, (1997).