Things Might Go Terribly, Horribly Wrong...

Book by Kelly Wilson and Troy Dufrene: «Things Might Go Terribly, Horribly Wrong: A Guide to Life Liberated from Anxiety»

When you see its title you might say I don´t need a book to tell me this much…Sometimes things fall apart… and even if you plan carefully and strategize you still might be watching for trouble. And nothing you can do would protect you from the fact that things might go terribly, horribly wrong. And if you´ve ever felt anxious about it, you´re not alone. In fact your story might be much more common than you think.

If only you could get rid of all this anxiety, you could get on with your life, right? Well, maybe- or maybe not. Does anxiety necessarily stand in your way to live your life fully, vitally, with richness and purpose.

This book starts as a conversation about why we all sometimes feel anxious and what role that anxiety serves in our lives. It connects the experience of anxiety to the essential experience of human suffering. And then, in sometimes unexpected ways, Things explores some basic ways of being in the world that can change the role anxiety plays in your life.

This book approaches the problem of anxiety differently than most. Instead of trying to overcome and reduce it, it might help you to climb inside these feelings and see what would it be to still feel anxiety but be able to live truly and really- in a way that matters to you.

Why would I recommend this book? I believe it´s a simple and brief introduction to a better understanding of anxiety, our own ambiguity and human suffering. It might help to approach your own anxiety or invite you to approach it with professional help.

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