What does a School Counsellor do?

Hello everyone! My name is Juan Yague and I am the School Counsellor at King’s College in Soto de Viñuelos. I have previously worked in as a School Counsellor and Orientador Educativo in both primary and secondary schools. I have also worked special education teacher and educational evaluator in the United States. I love everything about the world of education and firmly believe in quality education that offers students the possibility of developing into adults whose values are based upon effort and respect.

This school year, I will take on a new role that I’m sure will have a positive impact on the well-being and relationships of all members of the school. The school counsellor is a qualified professional that has obtained the necessary training and practice in listening to people and offering guidance and advice based on the principles of confidentiality and respect. In this manner, the School Counsellor listens without judging the worries and problems of students, parents and teachers trying to offer help and accompaniment in any difficult situation or disorientation.

School Counsellors are trained to help people confront and resolve their problems in situations that we feel we don’t have the tools or ability to resolve ourselves. They also are there to help at the time big or important decisions need to be made, clear up any confusing situations or even to get to know oneself to be able to live in a mindful and satisfactory way. Stress, anxiety, personal and family problems, and relationships with friends are all examples of situations that if we don’t know how to control well, can have a negative impact on our lives. This is why it is important to seek help from a professional that can help identify the problem and find the best solution for it.

On the other hand, the school counsellor also plays a fundamental role in the overall coexistence of the school as a whole, assisting students in maintaining healthy relationships. During adolescence, it is extremely important to be able to count on your group of friends - to have a group that you can share anything with, a group that you are comfortable being around, where you are accepted and supported. The School Counsellor’s job is to watch and observe these types of interactions and relationships in order to ensure a life for students where they feel welcome and integrated.

As for teachers, the School Counsellor can also help them deal with their daily struggles and any difficulties they might have, especially when dealing with various situations and behavioral issues in the classroom.

Finally, the School Counsellor is also available to hear out any families part of the school community.

Many parents need information or orientation of the education of their children, how to manage their behavior, situations at home, or simply to be able to better support students in their academic achievements.

There is evidence associated with having school services of orientation and advising, and how it has created a positive impact in academic results and achievements in general. Having a larger amount of this type of assistance has also been proven to lead to higher satisfaction rates in students and also parents, teachers, and other personnel. Because of this, I invite you all to come by my office with any question or concern you might have. I will be waiting, ready to assist.

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